Man Arrested With Weapons Near President Obama’s Home

Man Arrested With Weapons Near President Obama's Home

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) of Washington, D.C., reported on Friday to Fox News Digital that a 37-year-old man was detained and charged as a fugitive from justice in a neighbourhood this week.


Taylor Taranto, 37, who had an outstanding warrant for his suspected involvement in the incident on January 6th, was apprehended on Thursday after being pursued by Secret Service officials only a few blocks from the residence of former President Obama.

“Since January 6, 2021, the FBI has been investigating and identifying those individuals who illegally entered and committed offences within the United States Capitol and its grounds,” the criminal complaint against Taranto said. Investigators have determined that TAYLOR FRANKLIN TARANTO, a resident of the State of Washington, was one such individual.”

At the time of his arrest, Taranto allegedly had explosives, firearms, and other supplies with him.

According to a release from the MPD, the department’s explosive ordinance team also conducted a sweep of Taranto’s van, which was parked close to the location of his arrest on Kalorama Road, NW.

“There is no active threat to the community and this incident remains under investigation,” the MPD said in the release, adding that Taranto had “no fixed address.”

When asked about Taranto’s warrant, law enforcement officials declined to say what he was charged with, but they did say that he had threatened a public person on social media.

Man Arrested With Weapons Near President Obama's Home
Source : The New York Times

The wife of MPD Police Officer Jeffrey Smith, who committed suicide nine days after the riot, sued Taranto and another individual, David Walls-Kaufman, alleging that Taranto gave Walls-Kaufman a blunt object and that Walls-Kaufman then struck the officer with it, according to the Washington Post. Smith committed suicide, and it was determined that he died in the line of duty.

“At the brink of the exit, TARANTO and multiple other rioters, including a male identified as David Walls-Kaufman (who has been convicted and sentenced for his conduct on January 6, 2021), scuffled with police officers,” the criminal complaint said.

In court records, Taranto reportedly refuted the allegations. After being charged with trespassing and disruptive conduct, Walls-Kaufman received a two-month jail sentence.

He also has a social media account where he frequently posts about taking part in the disturbance, such as a video upload with the caption, “This is me ‘stormin’ the capitol’ lol I’m only sharing this so someone will report me to the feds and we can get this party rolling!”

A veteran of the Navy Taranto worked as a volunteer for the Washington State Republican Party. It wasn’t known if the Obamas were at their D.C. residence when the man was taken into custody.

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