Stimulus Update: Applications For Direct Payment Of $1,000 Per Month Are Due In Three Days

Stimulus Update Applications For Direct Payment Of $1,000 Per Month Are Due In Three Days

There are still three days left to apply for the Los Angeles County Guaranteed Income Programme, which would give beneficiaries $1,000 monthly payments for two years. 200 applicants who were foster children in the past will be chosen for the Breathe program’s two-year payment schedule. The program’s website states that the application process began on June 20 and will end at 11:59 p.m. on 3rd July.

Recipients To Earn $1,000 Per Month

Last year, the same program chose 1,000 recipients to earn $1,000 per month for three years. 200 more participants are being added to the program, who will each get the same amount monthly for two years. The first 1,000 beneficiaries were chosen at random from a group of qualified applicants.

Stimulus Update Applications For Direct Payment Of $1,000 Per Month Are Due In Three Days
Source: CNBC

Candidates who want to apply should be mia minimum of 21 years old & not turn 24 earlier than September 1 to qualify for the program. Additionally, candidates must have been foster youth in the Department of Children and Family Services system of Los Angeles County when they turned 18 or later.

Other criteria include possessing a household income that is equal to or less than 120% for households with two or more individuals, or 100% for households with one person. They must not be enrolled in any other guaranteed income programs and must have suffered harm as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. To evaluate the program’s results, the University of Pennsylvania & additional research collaborators will also carry out a randomized control study.

Recipients Will Get A $30 Gift Card

Although it is not necessary to participate in the study to receive the payments every month, individuals who do will be requested to periodically supply information on several facets of their general health and well-being. For each survey they complete, recipients will get a $30 gift card.

2,000 more applicants were chosen at random to take part in the study as the control group. The control group is not given the $1,000 payouts each month but is required to participate in sporadic questionnaires and interviews in exchange for a $30 gift voucher for each one they complete. Interested parties may submit their applications online at the Los Angeles County website.

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