Remains Of A Minnesota Lady Discovered In A Storage Facility: Know More Here

The bones of a missing woman were discovered inside a storage container, and it’s possible that they are related to the remains of a man who was recently accused of killing his girlfriend and whose remains were also discovered there.

Remains Of A Minnesota Lady Discovered In A Storage Facility: Know More Here

According to FOX 9, Fanta Xayavong’s remains were discovered inside a storage container in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, as reported by St. Paul Police on Friday.

The police expressed their concern for Xayavong’s safety last week. She was last seen in July 2021 with Joseph Jorgenson, 40, and went missing in May.

Manijeh “Mani” Starren, 34, was killed and his body was discovered in a storage container in Woodbury, Minnesota, in June. Ramsey County prosecutors charged Jorgenson with second-degree deliberate murder in connection with his death. According to a probable cause document previously obtained by Fox News Digital, her remains were discovered inside coolers and bags inside the storage facility.

Sgt. Mike Ernster of the St. Paul Police Department declared on Friday, “This is nothing short of horrific.”

“For the second time in a week, we have found a missing person deceased,” Ernster said.

An inquiry into Xayavong’s disappearance was started as a result of a tip sent to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehensions following the discovery of Starren’s remains.

The location of Xayavong’s death is unknown to authorities, however, a search warrant has been granted access to a Shoreview residence that Jorgenson owned until September 2022.

Jorgenson is a person of interest in Xayavong’s death but hasn’t been charged in connection with either of those events.

“This all began with a tip that put us on the path to finding Fanta,” Ernster said. “We’re looking for anybody who has someone missing that has had contact with Jorgenson to call us.”

There might be other victims, according to officials.

An investigation was launched after Starren’s father reported her missing on May 1 and claimed that she was “afraid” of her boyfriend, Jorgenson.

Another text message that Jorgenson allegedly sent to Starren read, “Hope u die of a kidney infection b—- c— terrible f—ing mother.”

On April 21, at around 6 o’clock, Starren was captured on security footage leaving her flat.

Security footage then captured Jorgenson entering Starren’s flat 28 times while using her keys after she was seen exiting.

On April 28, he was observed leaving the apartment carrying a suitcase, two duffle bags, and a pickup truck.

Jorgenson had looked up “Jugular,” “What do police do with a missing person’s report,” and “lime for soil,” which is a substance used to hasten decomposition, according to Google data that the police were able to collect.

Inside Starren’s house, there was a lot of blood, a broken TV on the floor, and a kitchen, all of which suggested “someone was killed or seriously injured in the apartment.”

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