North Shore Alum Shows You Have To Work In Order To Be Elite

Athletes all over Houston want to train with the best, so who do they call? This North Shore alum who has fought tooth and nail to show how hard work makes you elite.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — To be elite, you have to work. To get the work you need to stay elite, you train with Jacory Nichols. “You step into that elite role. You need to be ready to go harder”, Nichols said. “The more success you have, the more you need to work. At that point, you have a target on your back.”

Nichols, who goes by his nickname “1-Way” works with elite football players at all levels. Pro, college, and high school players call on Nichols to get the work needed to perform at their highest level on the field.

Earlier in the week, Nichols worked with a couple of Houston’s best high school players: Devin Sanchez, the number one cornerback in the nation in the 2025 class, and incoming sophomore safety Isaiah Williams from Fort Bend Marshall.

“I feel like he pushes me to be that top guy, staying on me. If my work is bad, he tells me to come back and do it again”, Sanchez said.

“There is a lot that goes into it. Not only does he teach you about the work part, there is a lot that goes into it mentally, too,” Williams said.

What makes Nichols’s journey so incredible is just how he got here. “When I first started training, it wasn’t something I even wrote down,” Nichols said.

Nichols is a 2015 state champion from North Shore that only had a preferred walk offer and an offer from Harding University coming out of high school.

“That part of the journey is definitely a factor of why I’m able to do what I do-training a kid like Devin Sanchez, who has offers from everyone in the country. I was on the other side, so I’m able to be transparent and give him that talk and tell him there are people working for your spot, you still have to go hard”, he said.

After Harding with no opportunities in the NFL, Nichols started working with friends to keep them in shape for the season. “Honestly, I didn’t know what I was doing, but I had a passion for being around guys, watching and helping them get better. From there, some NFL guys tapped in, and it took off to where it is now.” Nichols said.

Just listening to his daily calendar might make you tired, but he loves his work and expects all that work with him to give game-speed during the training sessions.

“Your game reps are going to be your training reps,” Nichols said. “I need those guys to push out, with good eyes, have great technique and balance core. Everything is simulated in the game. We gotta be game mode, game speed. Every rep has to feel like the game,” Nichols said.

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