Major Cricket Is Taking Over North Texas

Six team captains attended the trophy presentation as they gear up for this week’s matches.

Texas’ latest round of heat has not stopped some of the world’s biggest cricket athletes from performing at their best.

According to coaches, their players are conditioned for heat and humidity as they have played all over the world and spent part of their training in Houston a few weeks ago.

Cricket player, Jhaskaran Malhodra for the Los Angeles Knight Riders said he is ready for Wednesday’s inaugural game against the Super Kings.

“What helps is that I’ve been playing for Team USA for a while, so we travel a lot and usually we have all our camps around in Texas,” Malhodra said. “So, kind of used to it, but it’s still hard.”

While game days equal slightly over three hours and cover about three-miles in distance, Malhodra said practices are tougher on the body.

“It is actually more intense than a game. I feel like game is easy because you just got to go there and execute, right, because your muscle memory is there,” Malhodra said. “But in practice, you’re trying different things, which makes it a little more harder. But that’s when you prepare for a real game.”

Standing by are a staff of coaches and a medical team to ensure proper hydration and recovery as North Texas sizzles under the heat dome.

“All these guys have gotten used to playing in these type of temperature and which is an advantage,” Sagar Manoharan said. Manoharan is the strength and conditioning coach for the LA Knight Riders. “Abu Dhabi and also India in the season happens during summer, peak summer. So, we are dealing with pretty much the same temperature and humidity.”

The Texas Super Kings will face the LA Knight Riders for the nation’s first-ever Major League Cricket game at the outdoor Grand Prairie Stadium.

Spectators are encouraged to bring umbrellas as shade is limited in the stadium.

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