Police Commissioner’s Controversial Encounter: Sex Worker Claims She Unexpectedly Entered His Truck


A Detroit Police commissioner is reportedly accused of having sex with a known prostitute on Wednesday, according to FOX 2 Detroit. He claims that there was an error of comprehension.

about 7 a.m. According to WDIV Local 4, Wayne County Sheriff’s deputies discovered a man performing a sex act on a lady in a car on Wednesday while working undercover in the vicinity of Schaefer Road and Sorrento Avenue in Detroit. Bryan Ferguson, the commissioner of the Detroit Police Department, introduced himself and asked the deputies if they might assist him in getting out of the predicament.

According to accounts, they cited him for engaging in lewd and vulgar behavior and had his car impounded. The woman also received a ticket.

In a statement that was made on Wednesday, Ferguson claimed that there had been a miscommunication. According to him, the woman suddenly hopped into his truck while he was pleading with her to get out, according to FOX 2. In order to avoid creating a disruption, he added that he won’t be present at any upcoming sessions of the Detroit Police Commission.

Scandal Unveiled: Ferguson Allegedly Engaged in Sexual Encounter in Detroit’s Schaefer-Schoolcraft Area

Ferguson was allegedly having sex with a lady Wednesday morning in Detroit between Schaefer and Schoolcraft, according to special operations with the Wayne County Sheriff’s office.

Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Jason Bates said, “At that point, Mr. Bryan Ferguson stepped out and identified himself as a Detroit police commissioner.” A person’s position or title does not exempt them from the law.

He received a citation for engaging in indecent and profane behavior, and his car was impounded. 

According to Ferguson, the woman unexpectedly hopped into her truck and tried to eject her. In response to the accusations, he issued the following statement:

“Today, material suggesting ‘indecent behaviour’ was leaked by several media sites; the claim is false, and there has been a serious misunderstanding.

“I do not want this private situation to detract from the crucial oversight work that this board must perform. I’ve decided to take a temporary break from attending board meetings because of this.

I look forward to re-engaging with you soon. The board and the public should keep their attention on the crucial work of oversight, transparency, and accountability.

Additionally, when he was seen, he allegedly urged the attending officer to “help him out”. 

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Source: MLive, FOX 2

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