Tragic Disappearance and Mysterious Death: Military Investigates Fort Cavazos Soldier’s Absence and Wife’s Tragic Demise


The strange death of an absconding soldier’s wife, who was discovered 10 days after he disappeared from their home, is being looked into by the Army. 

Spc. Craig Chamberlain, 23, a soldier at Fort Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood), ceased reporting for service in March without telling his wife. 

He left their Killeen, Texas, home on May 15 and did not show up for work, after having lied for two months about reporting to the military post there. 

She was discovered dead inside their house on May 25. The next day, Craig then reappeared nearby. It is still unknown how Cameron passed away or exactly where Craig was discovered. 

The Army is in charge of the inquiry because she passed away in their home, and the Killeen Police Department is directing all inquiries elsewhere. 

When her husband was originally reported missing, Cameron pleaded fervently for help in finding him. 

Following their online dating app meeting, the couple got hitched in October 2020. They rented a house close to the base and moved in together. 

Craig was reported missing by Cameron to the neighborhood police on May 15. 

She said in her statement that he had abandoned her with nothing and had fallen behind on car payments to the point that their car was repossessed.

She begged him to return to her safely, as did his parents, and was horrified to learn that he hadn’t been showing up for duty for months. 

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Her death’s cause has not yet been made public.

At the time, Cameron remarked, “He is a very loved person.” “People really do have good things to say about him. He did tell me he loathed the leadership and the way of life at Fort Cavazos. He did not enjoy being in the military. He was too afraid to discuss his mental health.

Cameron claimed it was the reason for his absence and attributed it to the fort’s administration.

She added, “I think he might have suffered some horrific thing.

No other details about Cameron’s passing or its connection to her husband’s absence were provided.


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Source: Mail Online, MSN

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