Andy Cohen On Amir Lancaster

Meet Amir Lancaster: Austin’s new rising star

The 26-year-old Texas State graduate has immersed himself in social media, real estate, reality TV, modeling and acting, coaching and pro rugby.

Lancaster currently has an astounding six different revenue streams:

  1. Real estate agent with The Eklund | Gomes Team
  2. Social media content creator
  3. Reality TV star on Bravo TV’s Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard
  4. Pro rugby player with Team Texas of Premier Rugby Sevens
  5. Modeling and acting
  6. Coaching

So, why so many different revenue streams?

Why Social Media Content Creation?

“At the end of the day, that’s why I started to use social media. It’s never really been about me, it’s been about my journey, but not just my journey, all of the people who have gotten me to where I am and shaped me into who I am,” Lancaster said.

Why play Pro Rugby?

“The way that I kind of fell into rugby is, I had dreams just like every kid did of playing college football, making it to the NFL and making huge dollars, and then I kind of continued that route but found that I didn’t really have a passion for football and the rugby coach said I had some serious athleticism. I played soccer for nine years. He was like, ‘If you’ve played football and soccer, I have just the sport for you.’ He brought me on, took me to two practices and since then I’ve just been in love with it because it is such a complex sport, but if you just know your job, it’s really easy. Being able to take care of my body and do the things that are necessary to be active now, but also in my future as a real estate agent. I want to be able to walk upstairs. I’ve got showings to do, I just can’t be like, ‘Hey, you go take a look at the bedroom.’ So I have to be able to focus on the now and prioritize the future,” Lancaster said.

Amir’s Lasting Legacy

“We all want something that we can say contributes to the next generation, or something that we did to make the world a better place, and for me I believe being in real estate and having the different platforms and doing the different things I do, is what’s going to show the next generation you don’t need to work one job, you don’t need to be in a 9-to-5, you can do a lot of different things, just know you’re going to have to work hard, but you can do whatever you want to do. Austin is a growing place, and I want to showcase the fact that there is a space and a place for absolutely everyone in this city,” Lancaster said.

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