Alabama Police Probe Into Woman’s Mysterious Two-Day Disappearance


Carlethia “Carlee” Nichole Rusell’s two-day disappearance has left Alabama police puzzled. The woman had reported a lost toddler walking in a highway before her disappearance – but eventually received a phone call informing them that she had come home.

During her disappearance, search parties were assembled both by officials and volunteers – many were also donating on her criminal reward funding, hoping for her safe return and to investigate if a third-party was involved.

Upon receiving the phone call of her being found, she was quickly assisted and transferred to the local hospital. Amidst her disappearance, her boyfriend, Thomar Latrell Simmons posted on Facebook praying for her safe return.

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The Missing Hours’ Investigation

Carlethia Nichole Rusell’s two-day disappearance has left Alabama police puzzled.

Simmons was ecstatic to see his girlfriend returned, citing on the platform that she reportedly had to fight off her kidnappers and isn’t physically or mentally stable as of right now to give any updates. 

Rusells mother, Talitha Robinson, was also glad for her daughter’s safe return. Both individuals thanked officials and volunteers involved, as well as Jesus for guiding Rusell safely home. 

Officials say they’ll be working on to fill the missing gaps on her disappearance hours, but says it will take some time since they only have one clue – a witness reporting a man with a grey vehicle, who was standing near her vehicle.

Simmons has also addressed how he felt on accusations and allegations in regards to Rusell’s disappearance, he felt discouraged by them and the negativity surrounding them. Still, some people have doubts on the woman’s disappearance and the people involved in her search.

Many also want to receive answers on the missing child as there have been no updates on the toddler. Officials say they have not received reports of someone missing a child. Officials will be waiting for when Rusell and her family are feeling better.

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Source: The Guardian

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