Teamsters Leader Warns White House To Distance From Impending Strike


The White House was asked to refrain from intervening with Teamsters’ impending UPS strike. President O’Brien states that the House doesn’t need to get involved, stating that they don’t want anyone else getting involved.

Teamsters have been trying to negotiate with UPS to meet their contract but the July 31st deadline is approaching, and they may have to go on strike. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters have already informed the White House they won’t force the negotiation.

Previously, the union has tried to negotiate with the company but failed – resulting in them exchanging accusations against each other. O’Brien and the union have been fighting for better wages for workers, so they have a stable income to support themselves and their families.

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Warning The White House

The White House was asked to refrain from intervening with Teamsters’ impending UPS strike.

As a result of the failed negotiation, they voted in favor of stepping away and going on strike if the current deadline isn’t met. If the strike occurs, the company would be significantly affected as being one of the major aces in the delivery industry.

However, O’Brien is particularly confident that Teamsters will emerge victorious in this battle. He hopes that the White House is more focused on dealing with corporations that exploit laborers’ hard work to earn profit.

As preparation, the UPS has decided to begin training non-union workers in case of a potential strike – noting that they won’t be able to keep up with the strike’s pace if it ever happens. O’Brien says they need to be pushed back through the union members’ unity.

The union’s call towards the White House came just one year after Joe Biden intervened with an impending railroad strike, involving workers wanting a better pay from the various railroad companies – something that garnered criticism from pro-union individuals.

The union still continues to fight against UPS for fair worker rights that they deserved.

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Sources: Washington Examiner, Fox Business

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