Jury Acquits Man Who Beat & Shot A Women: Know More Here

Jury Acquits Man Who Beat & Shot A Women: Know More Here

A jury found not guilty of the man who was shown on video pounding the woman to the ground and attempting to shoot her with her own firearm, according to a former California sheriff’s officer.

Jury Acquits Man Who Beat & Shot A Women: Know More Here

Meagan McCarthy, a former deputy sheriff for San Bernardino County, claimed on “Fox & Friends First” on Thursday that recent changes to the state of California’s jury-selection procedure allowed individuals with “expressed bias” against law enforcement to decide her case.

“If you express an implicit bias towards law enforcement, you are allowed to sit on a jury. And that has never been the case before,” McCarthy said. “So in my situation, we had many jurors who expressed this bias towards law enforcement, and they were still allowed to decide guilty or not guilty on my suspect.”

In response to a panicked 911 call from suspect Ari Young’s mother in 2019, McCarthy said, “Oh, my God, oh, my God! Before becoming silent, the caller yelled, “Get my son out of here.

After McCarthy arrived on the scene, Young repeatedly punched her and wrestled with her for her gun, as seen on video. McCarthy claims that after Young gained control of the weapon, he fired a number of shots before the jammed.

Young was found guilty of the lesser charge of careless discharge of a firearm by the jury, which absolved him of the more serious charges of attempted murder and assault on a peace officer. The jury was unable to reach a judgement on a number of additional charges, including resisting arrest.

McCarthy was not authorised to pat down the psychotic suspect, according to Young’s defence team, which referred to the footage as a “illusion” and argued for self-defense.

“I was heartbroken,” McCarthy said of the decision. “You know, I’ve spent nearly four years healing from this incident and to be told ‘You’re not a victim. You don’t get to speak. You don’t get to have that closure.’ That was kind of the knife in the back that I was hoping I wouldn’t have.”

“I don’t know how you can see a video of a crime and allow this person to enter a community. It’s heartbreaking, and it’s devastating for the people.”

In 2022, California Assembly Bill 3070, which addresses the “unfair exclusion” of prospective jurors, became law. The language of the bill states that among the peremptory challenge grounds that are currently disallowed for juror dismissal are “expressing a distrust of or having a negative experience with law enforcement or the criminal legal system” and “expressing a belief that law enforcement officers engage in racial profiling or that criminal laws have been enforced in a discriminatory manner.”

Former federal prosecutor and deputy district attorney in nearby Riverside County, California State Assemblyman Bill Essayli, R-Riverside, said the case ought to have had sufficient evidence to result in a conviction.

“[The defense] argued that she didn’t have a lawful authority to detain him, and therefore, he’s free to defend himself and do whatever he wants to get away from her, including beating her up and shooting at her,” Essayli told Fox News Digital. “That’s not correct. That’s not the law. And I don’t think the judge should have allowed that argument to be presented in that manner.”

The lack of “meaningful consequences” in the case angered the county sheriff as well.

“The video speaks for itself, and more importantly it demonstrates the increasing violence the public and our deputies experience,” San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Shannon Dicus told Fox News Digital. “I share in the frustration at the lack of accountability for these brazen and violent crimes, crimes perpetrated by a criminal who created a situation where law enforcement help was requested, a criminal who repeatedly and brutally attacked, disarmed, and tried to murder a deputy sheriff.”

McCarthy claimed that in addition to failing her, the legal system and the state of California created a “damaging” precedent for victims and police officers.

“You go to work, especially being a cop, to serve and protect the community that you swore to do. That’s exactly what I did that day… To say that somehow I’m not a victim and I’m not righteous of the closure of the justice system, is just very damaging to not just cops but people.”

The mother of two claimed to Fox News Digital that post-traumatic stress disorder caused her to leave the career she adored. On Thursday, she said that the incident had left her feeling “a lot of guilt and emotion.”

“I was hoping for closure. I was hoping for justice. I was hoping for peace. And I never saw that.”

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