Iowa and South Carolina Polls Favor Trump with Wide Leads


Recent polling conducted by Fox Business has revealed that former President Donald Trump is maintaining significant leads over other potential 2024 Republican White House candidates in key early voting states such as Iowa and South Carolina. Despite facing legal challenges and investigations, Trump’s popularity among the Republican base remains formidable.

In Iowa, the poll showed a commanding lead for Trump, with an impressive 46 percent of Republican primary voters expressing their support for the former president. In comparison, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis trailed far behind with just 16 percent, and Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina followed with 11 percent. 

The rise in support for Senator Scott, who typically attracts only single-digit levels of backing, indicates a potential surge in momentum for his campaign. However, Trump’s front-runner status remains largely unshaken in the state. Notably, no other candidate managed to garner more than 10 percent support in the Iowa poll. 

The survey was conducted from July 15 through 19 and involved 805 likely participants in the 2024 Iowa Republican caucuses, with a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points. Moving on to South Carolina, Trump’s dominance in the polls continued to impress. 

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Donald Trump’s Resilient Popularity

He secured a commanding 48 percent support among GOP primary voters in the state, far surpassing his closest rival, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who received 14 percent backing. Governor DeSantis and Senator Scott remained in the race with 13 percent and 10 percent support, respectively. Other candidates failed to attract double-digit support in the state. 

The South Carolina poll was also conducted from July 15 through 19 and surveyed 808 registered voters, with a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points. These polls demonstrate that Trump’s popularity within the Republican base remains strong, even as he faces legal scrutiny. 

The ongoing Justice Department investigation into his actions following the 2020 election has not significantly impacted his standing among party voters. Last week, Trump revealed that he had received a target letter, indicating the possibility of a third indictment since leaving office. 

Despite these challenges, Trump’s appeal endures, making him the clear front-runner in the early stages of the 2024 GOP primary race. It is important to note that the political landscape is constantly evolving, and the 2024 presidential election is still a considerable time away. 

As the race progresses and candidates solidify their positions, these polling numbers may fluctuate. For now, however, Donald Trump’s lead in Iowa and South Carolina serves as a strong indicator of his enduring popularity and influence within the Republican Party.

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