President Biden and Potential Fourth Stimulus Check


The need for an additional stimulus amount is more urgent than ever as many people’s funds from the third stimulus check are running out. 

The White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, has expressed optimism that President Biden will continue to be receptive to a “variety of ideas” for boosting the US economy. A significant number of Democratic lawmakers are pushing for a second stimulus payment. 

The president is receptive to the idea, but nothing specific has been guaranteed as of yet. Currently, lawmakers from both parties are focused on President Biden’s planned $2 trillion investment to upgrade the aging American infrastructure, which has not seen any significant investment in decades. 

President Biden is optimistic that a stronger American Family Plan, which is scheduled to follow the infrastructure proposals, will be passed now that the Democrats are in control of Congress. Even if the GOP opposes the proposal, they intend to employ a fiscal trick to get it passed. 

Supporters of more stimulus checks see an opportunity in this plan to expand the number of stimulus checks. Democratic progressive lawmakers have banded together to ask President Biden for additional stimulus funding. 

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Exploring the Possibility

A fourth and even a fifth have been mentioned. Further stimulus payments, according to their estimates, would keep 12 million People out of poverty. Millions of people in this group were compelled to switch to jobs with lower pay and are no longer eligible for unemployment benefits as a result. In order to care for sick family members, many people were forced to quit their jobs. 

While the third stimulus check was a success, according to Rep. Jimmy Gomez, much more was required because the pandemic-related economic downturn still affects Americans negatively. 

He emphasized that aiding struggling towns around the US has been made possible in large part by the American Rescue Plan and earlier waves of stimulus checks in 2020. But he emphasized that a $1,400 stimulus check could not be expected to endure for a whole year. 

If there is another calamity of comparable size and scope, he warned, the government must be ready with a strengthened safety net. Numerous other powerful Congressmen are arguing for further stimulus funding for the millions of Americans who are still having difficulty with their basic expenses. 

For the majority of American families, it is now difficult to pay for necessities, put food on the table, maintain debt obligations, pay rent and mortgages, and pay other bills.

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