Ammon Bundy Ordered to Pay $26 Million: Idaho Hospital and Staff Awarded


Ammon Bundy, an anti-government activist from Idaho who gained national attention seven years ago for leading an armed occupation of federal land in Oregon, has been ordered to pay $26 million to a Boise hospital, its CEO, a physician, and a nurse practitioner.

When a friend’s grandson was taken into protective custody by police and treated at St. Luke’s Meridian Medical Center, Bundy accused them of medical malpractice. Bundy was detained for trespassing after he led protests in front of the hospital.

The child, described by police as “suffering from severe malnourishment” during previous medical care, is the grandson of far-right activist Diego Rodriguez, whom Bundy referred to as a “very good friend.” Rodriguez was also named as a defendant, and the jury ordered him and his Freedom Man organizations to pay $26.5 million.

“The jury’s verdict imposes responsibility for the defendants’ ongoing campaign of intimidation, harassment, and disinformation,” St. Luke’s said in a written statement.

Landmark Judgment: $26 Million Verdict Holds Bundy, His Campaign, and People’s Rights Network Accountable

The $26 million judgment against Bundy was divided between compensatory and punitive damages and included not only Bundy personally, but also his failed gubernatorial campaign and People’s Rights Network.

“People in a jury deciding how much St. Luke’s is going to take from those who exposed the truth about them is a mockery of justice,” Bundy wrote on Twitter following the verdict.

Both defendants failed to appear in court, resulting in default judgments being rendered against them. Before the jury’s verdict, Bundy wrote in an open letter to the hospital and state officials that he was unable to pay any judgment because he had “liquidated all my assets except for a few.”

St. Luke’s stated that any funds they or their CEO are able to collect in the case will be donated to their program that serves children suspected of being victims of neglect or abuse.

In 2016, Bundy led an armed occupation of the federal Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, for which he is best known. A federal jury acquitted him of all allegations.

Independently running for governor of Idaho in 2022, he received 17.2% of the vote.


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Source: CNN, Albany Herald

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