Trump’s Tactical Maneuvers


Former President Donald Trump’s domination of the Republican White House race is unlikely to be challenged, even if he is indicted for a third time. This is because he has spent years undermining the voters’ faith in the institutions that stand in his way.

In order to exploit Trump’s weaknesses without alienating his ardent fans in the primary, the Republican frontrunner has put his main competitors in an impossible situation.

They will be ignoring a potential weakness in their party’s potential candidate for the general election if they refuse to denounce his numerous disasters. However, there hasn’t been any indication that Trump’s pending trials in two and possibly more cases will persuade most GOP primary voters that he’s too dangerous to nominate.

The ability of the former president to transform the GOP primary contest into a political Catch-22 helps to explain why no candidate in the party’s overcrowded field of presidential contenders has yet gained enough support to seriously challenge him for a third straight Republican candidacy.

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GOP Rivals Struggle to Keep Pace

In every instance, Trump has denied misconduct. But it also creates a risky question for their party given that competitors like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, and former Vice President Mike Pence failed to capitalize on the prospect of future Trump convictions. 

Does the GOP run the risk of picking a candidate who is adored by millions of its supporters but who might once again frighten voters in battleground states and give the victory to Democrats?

The dilemma facing GOP candidates regarding how to handle Trump will be brought to light on Friday night, when the majority of the field is anticipated at a Republican Party dinner in Iowa, the first state to cast a ballot in the early-2019 primary campaign. 

Trump has threatened to skip the first GOP debate next month, making it a rare opportunity to compare the frontrunner and his opponents in the same setting. 

Since last week, the GOP primary contest has essentially been put on hold as Trump and his opponents wait to see if special counsel Jack Smith will indict the former president as part of his criminal probe into attempts to rig the 2020 election. 

Trump revealed on social media that he had received a target letter, which typically results in legal action.

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Source: CNN

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