Barbie Doll Collector Defies Offers of Thousands, Cherishes Collection Forever


A woman has explained that she will never sell her collection of Barbie figurines, even though prospective purchasers have offered her thousands of dollars. 

The collector, whose online alias is Maria Dollyz, uploaded a video to TikTok exhibiting the amount of money she has been promised to sell her personal collection of Barbie dolls. However, she stated that she will never sell the dolls because they are so uncommon. 

She explained that she has received offers of $1,098 (€1,000) for an Elina doll — the protagonist of the 2005-released Barbie Fairytopia series — and $439 (€400) for a singing doll based on Erika from The Princess and the Pauper. 

In addition, she has received a bid of $220 (€200) for a Rapunzel Barbie and a bid of €330 ($300) for a doll based on the character from the 2005 film Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. 

Barbie Collector’s Priceless Trove: Embracing Rare and Discontinued Figurines

Alongside the video she shared with her 20,000 followers, she wrote, “I will NEVER sell my collection of Barbie figurines! Elina was discontinued as soon as she was introduced, making it nearly impossible to locate her. I have only encountered Erika once.

Following the release of the blockbuster Barbie film last month, there has been a surge in the popularity of dolls, with fans rushing to purchase figurines of even lesser-known characters.  After Michael Cera’s blockbuster film repopularized the discontinued toy, collectors are reselling ‘Allan’ figurines on eBay for up to $300.

Due to his awkward demeanor and friendship with the female Barbies, Allan, played by Michael Cera, gained over a large number of admirers. Headlines have referred to him as the film’s “unsung hero.” Despite his prominent role in the film, toy manufacturer Mattel stated that it had no intentions to re-release the 1964-born doll marketed as ‘Ken’s companion.’

It has resulted in a thriving online secondary market, with models experiencing a significant price increase as more admirers view the film. According to TMZ, most Allans were selling for between $35 and $76 prior to the film’s release; however, after the film’s record-breaking $300 million opening weekend, variants of the doll are now fetching up to $300.

Many fans were surprised that Mattel had not capitalized on the film’s popularity by re-releasing the lead product. One Twitter user commented, ‘There’s something very amusing about Mattel allowing the filmmakers to use the most obscure Barbie characters, thereby making them all fan favorites, and then deciding not to re-release them to coincide with the film. Similar to “No, we discontinued Allan for a reason.”


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Source: Daily Mail

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