Dangerous Dose: Arizona Woman Charged with Poisoning Attempt on Husband via Coffee


An Arizona lady is accused of poisoning her husband’s coffee every day for several months in an effort to murder him. A grand jury indicted Melody Felicano Johnson of Tucson on counts of attempted severe assault, attempted first-degree murder, and poisoning food or drink.

Roby Johnson, the suspect’s husband, first noticed a bad taste in his coffee in March while he and Melody Johnson were stationed in Germany, according to court records acquired by CNN affiliate KVOA.

Police said that Roby Johnson is a member of the US Air Force. The Johnsons were reportedly still cohabitating with their child while going through a divorce, according to the statement of probable cause.

Roby Johnson utilized pool testing strips to find that his coffee pot “showed high levels of chlorine,” according to the court filing. Melody Johnson is said to have been seen on camera putting an unknown liquid into the coffee maker.

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In order to delay filing a police report until they were back at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in the United States, Johnson told investigators he feigned to keep sipping the coffee.

Investigators said Roby Johnson “believes she was trying to kill him to collect death benefits.” Back in the US, Roby Johnson claimed he utilized many hidden cameras over several days Show Melody taking bleach, putting it in a container, and walking over to the coffee machine to put it there.

At her Friday arraignment, Melody Johnson pleaded not guilty.

She was given a public defender, who did not immediately respond to a Saturday interview request from CNN for comment. In anticipation of her upcoming court appearance on September 6, she is being detained at the Pima County Jail.

According to court documents, Johnson has $250,000 in bail. The defendant just purchased a home in the Philippines close to relatives, and the prosecution informed the judge that a hefty bail was required because of the suspect’s potential for flight.

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Source: CNN

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