An Elderly Patient’s $17,000 Was Allegedly Stolen By A Healthcare Worker In Georgia

An Elderly Patient's $17,000 Was Allegedly Stolen By A Healthcare Worker In Georgia

After allegedly stealing over the course of a year from her 77-year-old patient, a Georgia healthcare worker was detained.

An Elderly Patient's $17,000 Was Allegedly Stolen By A Healthcare Worker In Georgia

Ebony, a Canton resident Six counts of felony exploitation and intimidation of an elderly challenged adult were brought against Michelle Mitchell, 48. Wednesday saw her arrest.

The claims were brought to the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office in May, according to their announcement. They eventually uncovered sufficient evidence after months of investigation to make the suspect.

When the thefts occurred, Mitchell was a 77-year-old man’s carer in Alpharetta. Authorities think Mitchell started stealing in February and spent the proceeds on luxury products and debt.

“Mitchell stole more than $17,000 from her patient by using his credit/debit cards to charge everything from jewellery and down payments on her car to paying off her rent,” the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office explained in a press release.

The victim’s son Ben Naas told FOX 5 Atlanta that Mitchell would profit from his father’s dementia.

“She was holding his cell phone up to his face and having him use his voice as his identification to get into her bank account,” Naas said.

“She was so incredibly proficient at this that I can only imagine that she has done this to someone else,” he added.

Mitchell allegedly used the victim’s identity to apply for a $400,000 mortgage, however, the loan was never granted, according to Cherokee Sheriff’s Office Captain Jay Baker.

After being taken into custody on Wednesday, Mitchell was freed after posting a $16,878 bond.

The event is being aggressively investigated by the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office.

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