Mekenna Reiley Missing From Her Home Since April 5: Know More Here

Mekenna Reiley Missing From Her Home Since April 5: Know More Here

Missing Mekenna Reiley, a 40-year-old speech teacher from Oregon, was last seen in April disoriented and naked at a remote construction site, according to her family. They believe foul activity is involved and are requesting that anybody with information contact the police.

Mekenna Reiley Missing From Her Home Since April 5: Know More Here

Her sister, Bevin Stepp, who resides in Pennsylvania, told Fox News Digital that a work team discovered her bewildered at their construction in Blue River, roughly 150 miles south of Portland, hours before she vanished.

“She told the police she was scared of something,” she said. “She said she couldn’t go home, she had nowhere safe to go…so she drove there.”

The family now claims that an unnamed male who attempted to enter her storage facility in Phoenix, Oregon, sometime after she vanished is seen in a photo obtained by Fox News Digital.

At Reiley’s storage unit, a keypad camera captured the image. The unnamed man has not been formally recognised as a suspect or person of interest by the authorities, who have not reacted to inquiries on the Fox News Digital image.

Investigators told the family that Reiley appeared to have either been “roofied” or on “a lot of acid” when law enforcement arrived at the construction site, Stepp said. However, in a public statement, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office said only that the missing woman “was possibly suffering from a mental health crisis.”

According to her sister, Reiley had an airline ticket to Arkansas and plans to visit a friend at the time of her disappearance. Reiley, a native of Pennsylvania and the granddaughter of veteran Republican state representative Merle Phillips, told family members she wanted to return home because “she didn’t feel safe out there,” according to her sister.

For the past four months, she has been gone.

Reiley was last seen coming home around 10:30 p.m. on April 5, when neighbours informed police they “heard two car doors close,” according to Stepp.

But once a constable went to the job site and permitted her to go on her own, Stepp claimed that she ought to have been making her way home alone.

Despite a history of domestic violence and an active no-contact order between them, Stepp reports that Reiley’s estranged former partner has been eliminated as a suspect after passing a polygraph test. Reiley’s ex-wife and ex-mother-in-law, according to her, were the ones to initially report him missing.

At her house, police discovered Reiley’s phone, car, fresh food, and pet dog Hilo. According to Reiley’s sister, searchers later discovered a bag of clothing in the woods but no further trace of her.

She was last seen close to River Street and McKenzie Highway, which is close to the construction site, according to the sheriff’s office on April 7.

Scott McKee, the family’s private investigator, is concerned due to a number of “disturbing characteristics” that are present in both Reiley’s disappearance circumstances and the things that were left behind.

“Its unique that you have a missing person whose last contact with anyone was with law enforcement under those circumstances,” said McKee, a 35-year police veteran who previously served as a violent crime detective in nearby Eugene, Oregon, and in internal affairs.

He claimed that the things she left behind did not seem to be those of someone who was considering suicide.

“The behaviour tells me she’s either experiencing some kind of drug overdose and stripping her clothes off, or maybe she’s being pursued, and she’s looking for a place to hide,” he said.

Due to the ongoing investigation, Lane County officials refused a public records request for information about the case, including the first missing person report. The sheriff’s office also did not reply to inquiries for comment.

Reiley is characterised as being 110 pounds in weight and 5 feet, 2 inches tall. Her eyes and hair are both brown. She was last observed sporting a pair of blue rain boots.

Authorities have named a person of interest in connection with the disappearances of four women between February and May of this year in Multnomah County, about 150 miles to the north, after initially playing down their fears and more recently acknowledging a potential serial killer.

Within a hundred miles of one another, the remains of Kristin Smith, 22; Ashley Real, 22; Charity Lynn Perry, 24; and Bridget Webster, 31; were discovered.

A measure passed by the former governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, purportedly allowed the person of interest, 38-year-old habitual offender Jesse Lee Calhoun, to be freed from prison earlier than planned.

Although Gov. Tina Kotek, who succeeded Gov. Jerry Brown, withdrew Calhoun’s clemency and returned him to prison, no charges have been brought against him in relation to the women’s disappearances or deaths.

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