George Soros Destroying American Cities And Its Citizens With Marijuana Addiction

George Soros Destroying American Cities And Its Citizens With Marijuana Addiction

On August 12, George Soros will turn 93, and I can’t think of a better way for him to honour his birthday than by savouring the marijuana vapours coming from a bong or pipe. Like the one dangling from Hunter Biden’s groggy lips.

George Soros Destroying American Cities And Its Citizens With Marijuana Addiction

At the height of the crack epidemic in the early 1990s, Soros was the one who provided funding for “harm reduction” clinics to hand out drug pipes in “safe smoking kits.” Through the Biden administration’s campaign to legalise the use of illicit drugs across America, similar “safe user kits” were made available to addicts in 2022.

Soros made the decision to test the American criminal justice system and challenge the public’s resolve to uphold long-held beliefs and moral standards in 1994, not long after founding his Open Society Institute in Manhattan. The astute speculator singled out certain criminal legislation that dealt with the usage of illegal narcotics. 90% of Americans at the time thought it was unacceptable to use illegal narcotics. But the cunning Soros predicted that after marijuana became legal, many more Americans would be open to using narcotics. He was correct.

Soros had succeeded in completely changing Americans’ perspectives in under three decades. In November 2022, a Pew Research Centre survey revealed that 88% of Americans favoured marijuana legalisation. His incredibly effective advertising asserted that the harm caused by the enforcement of laws forbidding the misuse of harmful drugs was “more harm than the drugs themselves.” He admitted that “some drugs are addictive” in 1995 but incorrectly asserted that “others, like marijuana, are not.”

More than 52.5 million Americans consumed marijuana in 2021, according to a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) survey, with increased potency levels of the drug’s mind-altering component THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Millions more joined during the COVID pandemic lockdowns since there was no shortage of drugs for the black market.

As the number of users increased, at least 16.3 million Americans were given the diagnosis of “cannabis use disorder.” Additionally, a number of studies have found a link between long-term marijuana usage and an increased risk of heart attacks, lung cancer, and other illnesses, particularly among older people. There isn’t a drug on the market right now to treat marijuana addiction.

Clearly, advancing Soros’s plan required modifying federal and state laws. Soros poured millions of dollars on the creation of pro-drug organisations instead of pleading with Congress to loosen current regulations in an effort to advance “more effective approaches to the nation’s drug problem.”

California and Arizona, which had a long history of drug misuse and a substantial number of drug users, were cleverly targeted by Soros and a few other billionaires. So much cash was invested in this campaign that Joseph Califano, Jr., the drug czar for the Clinton Administration, angrily called Soros the “Daddy Warbucks of drug legalisation.”

As if making the United States a refuge for drug usage wasn’t enough, Soros had to be overjoyed to learn that New York City has been named the world’s marijuana use capital.

The “World Drug Report, 2022” published by the Centre for Advancing Health (CFAH) ranked New York City as the top marijuana consumer worldwide. According to data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) from 2022, 62.3 metric tonnes of marijuana, worth close to $8 billion, was consumed by New Yorkers. Regular users were spending at least $300 every day at a cost of $12.50 per gram.

Contrary to Soros’s assertion that legalising drugs would destroy markets for illicit substances and reduce drug-related crime, today’s black and grey markets have emerged as the main winners from the explosive demand for marijuana, which is primarily purchased from growing illicit shops and denies states billions in tax revenues.

Additionally, the rising use of marijuana is causing healthcare expenses to soar. E. coli, methamphetamines, and other narcotics, such the lethal fentanyl, are among the harmful compounds the drug frequently contains, sickening many users and causing an increase in overdosing. While Soros and his pro-legalization movement mocked NIDA’s 2014 warning that “More than half of new illicit drug users begin with marijuana,” the country’s growing drug epidemic has increased crime, homelessness, and health risks, which, along with the revolting odour that permeates both small- and big-city streets, are driving away visitors, employers, and residents.

THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, has significant adverse effects that extend beyond mental health. Obesity is another result. THC functions as a great appetite stimulant by raising the levels of hormones that control hunger. While doing so strengthens seriously ill people, regular users binge and gain weight quickly. At least 42% of Americans were obese between 2017 and 2020 (before COVID lockdowns), according to a Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report. The COVID epidemic, which was horribly mismanaged, imposed a number of restrictions that led to increased obesity rates among Americans. The weight of Americans who also smoked marijuana increased even more, hastening their own morbidity.

There is increasing pressure on Congress to legalise this deadly, mind-altering substance since it would bring in billions of dollars in revenue on a national level. Currently, cannabis is legal in 37 states and Washington, D.C.

Probably beyond his wildest dreams, Soros’s efforts to legalise and normalise the hitherto unfathomable were a great success. He could feel a little let down because he only succeeded in legalising marijuana, not all substances. However, the fact that Alexander, his son and successor, is still actively pushing for the legalisation of all narcotics is cause enough to relax and enjoy a few additional bongs.

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