Maui Wildfire Emergency: At Least 6 Dead, Thousands Evacuated


Maui’s mayor, Richard Bissen Jr., reported that at least six persons perished in wildfires fueled by the wind. Additionally, hundreds of structures have been damaged or obliterated. 

The death toll was verified just prior to a news conference with officials, according to the mayor, who did not elaborate on the circumstances surrounding the deaths. He stated that several other individuals were unaccounted for, but they may be in vehicles and have not entered a shelter.

Bissen reported that a number of hotels and some of the five shelters that have been established on the island have lost power.

Wednesday, authorities reported that the blazes forced people to jump into a harbor to flee the flames and smoke and compelled others to evacuate.  Wednesday, officials reported that hospitals on the island were treating burn victims.

Lahaina, a tourist town with a population of 12,000 on the northwest point of Maui, was engulfed in flames. 

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Maui Wildfires Force Evacuations:  271 Structures Damaged and Destroyed

At least six persons perished in wildfires fueled by the wind. Additionally, hundreds of structures have been damaged or obliterated.

Wildfires in Lahaina have damaged or incinerated at least 271 structures, according to officials from the county of Maui as of Wednesday afternoon.

The West Maui town, harbor, and adjacent areas have sustained extensive damage, according to a county statement. 

As firefighters confronted the blazes, officials issued a request Wednesday morning for the entire island to conserve water in order to reduce demand and extend existing supplies.

Photos published instantaneously by the county showing a line of flames raging throughout an intersection and soaring above structures in a town center listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Luke, the state’s lieutenant governor, issued an emergency proclamation and activated the Hawaii National Guard on behalf of Governor Green.

Wednesday afternoon, Luke issued a second proclamation vehemently discouraging all non-essential travel to Maui. Additionally, the proclamation gives Hawaii’s disaster relief agency the right to impose civilian population evacuations. 

The county reported that Kahului Airport, the principal airport on Maui, had accommodation for 2,000 passengers whose flights had been canceled or who had just landed on the island.

On Wednesday and Thursday, conditions were anticipated to deteriorate.

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Source: CBS News, AP News

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