Author’s Name Used for AI-Generated Books on Amazon


A writer is raising concerns this week after discovering new novels being sold on Amazon under her name, but she didn’t write them; instead, it appears that artificial intelligence was used to create them.

Jane Friedman, a multi-book author and consultant on writing and publishing careers, told CNN that a fan seeking more of her work ended up purchasing one of the phony titles on Amazon. The books’ titles sounded a lot like the topics she usually writes about, but the writing appeared to be the work of a generative AI model.

I have so much content available online for free because I’ve been blogging for so long, so it wouldn’t be hard to get an AI to mimic me, Friedman said. I just knew that it had been substantially, if not totally, AI-generated,” he said as he looked more closely.

Some writers and authors have expressed concern about losing employment to the new technology since AI technologies like ChatGPT can now quickly and inexpensively crank out enormous amounts of persuasive material. Others have stated that they don’t want their work to be used to train AI systems that could later be used to mimic them.

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Resisting AI Copycats

“Generative AI is being used to replace writers,” Mary Rasenberger, CEO of the nonprofit author advocacy group the Authors Guild, told CNN. You can see why writers are so upset about that: 

The Authors Guild attended a meeting with US senators last month to explore the ramifications of artificial intelligence. Rasenberger demanded legislation to safeguard authors from AI at a Senate subcommittee hearing, including guidelines requiring AI firms to be open about how they develop their models.

Additionally, more than 10,000 authors, including James Patterson, Roxane Gay, and Margaret Atwood, signed an open letter urging leaders in the AI sector, like Microsoft and OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, to get author consent before using their work to train AI models and to fairly compensate them when they do.

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Source: CNN

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