Issa Rae Shines as Pregnant Spider-Woman in Spider-Man


Naturally, a pregnant superhero would be Issa Rae’s choice to portray if she were to appear in a Marvel film. She portrays Jessica Drew, a.k.a. Spider-Woman, in “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,” a brand-new animated picture that crosses many dimensions, and she just so happens to be pregnant.

The “Insecure” actress is well renowned for playing characters that are unmistakably distinctive, and her most recent performance is no exception.

“Many dreams are being fulfilled. In all honesty, I simply feel so happy to have brought this character to life, and I hope to keep doing so,” Rae told CNN. She has my respect since I find her to be so awesome and badass.

In the much anticipated follow-up to the Oscar-winning movie “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” which was released in 2018, Jessica Drew proves she can fight with the best of them, pregnant or not.

Rae expressed her excitement at becoming a part of the ensemble cast, which also features Shameik Moore as Spider-Man Miles Morales and Brian Tyree Henry as Jefferson Morales, Miles’ father.

Even so, she found the position to be tough. It’s different from filming a live-action production to voice a character in an animated movie, and Rae admitted it wasn’t easy “not being able to play off of all the actors.”

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Enjoyable Journey

I did have the opportunity to read with Hailee Steinfeld, and that was incredibly enjoyable and gratifying, but honestly, a lot of my sequences are with Gwen (Stacy, another Spider-Woman character) Rae added.

Acting in situations she had to conceive was strange for Rae since she preferred working in actual locations; instead, she had to rely on the script to picture where her character would be. It was difficult to transmit anything with just her voice on top of that.

In order to utter what she wanted to say, Rae said that she had to exert a lot of vocal effort. “I frequently utilize my voice to mask my emotions. It was an effort and a lot of joy for me to have to utilize my voice to convey what this character is thinking and experiencing.

There is already talk of the movie winning an Academy Award for best animated feature, much like its predecessor.

Could it follow in the footsteps of “The Godfather II,” a different sequel that took home an Oscar in the same category as the original and was praised for being maybe even better?

Rae said that she had never watched any of “The Godfather” films, so she was unable to comment on them.

That question tells me that I need to see “The Godfather.” Rae chuckled. “The Godfather” needs to be seen because it was mentioned in the “Succession” series finale. The movie “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” is now showing in theaters.

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Source: CNN

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