Olympian and Mother-Daughter Duo Set to Soar on Virgin Galactic’s Historic Space Mission


Onboard Virgin Galactic’s first private astronaut trip in August will be the first Olympian and the first mother-daughter space team.

Keisha Schahaff, a businesswoman and health and wellness coach, and her daughter Anastatia Mayers won their tickets in a drawing that garnered $1.7 million in donations for the nonprofit organization Space for Humanity, which works to increase access to space. 

The pair will go into space before anyone else from the Caribbean islands.

When I was two years old, I remember simply gazing up at the sky and wondering, “How can I get there? Nevertheless, Schahaff stated in a news release, “Being from the Caribbean, I didn’t think something like this would be feasible. “My presence here, as the first person from Antigua to travel to space, shows that access to space is actually improving,” I said.

At the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, Mayers, 18, is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in physics and philosophy. She intends to hold the record for the second-youngest space traveler.

80-year-old canoeist Jon Goodwin, who participated in the 1972 Munich Olympics, was identified as having Parkinson’s disease in 2014. Goodwin wants to become the second individual with the condition to visit space.

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From Discovery to Space Travel

Parkinson’s disease was discovered in 2014, but Goodwin said in a news release that he was “determined not to let it stand in the way of living life to the fullest.” And now it’s utterly fantastic for me to travel to space while having Parkinson’s.

I hope this encourages everyone else who is struggling and demonstrates that obstacles don’t have to prevent them from achieving their goals. Goodwin was one of the first people to purchase a Virgin Galactic space flight ticket.

The business, which was established in the early 2000s, has sold roughly 800 tickets, 600 of which were sold for up to $250,000 each, and a further few hundred were sold for $450,000 each. Beth Moses, the company’s lead astronaut teacher, will join the group. Moses has traveled to space three times with Virgin Galactic, becoming the first passenger to do so aboard a commercial spacecraft in 2019.

The Galactic 02 mission’s launch window opens on August 10 and will be broadcast live on Virgin Galactic’s website. On June 29, a statement was made following the successful launch and touchdown of Virgin Galactic’s first commercial mission.

Italian Air Force-funded people were transported on the journey, a research mission that lasted about an hour and a half, more than 50 miles (80 kilometers) above Earth’s surface. While in weightlessness for a short period of time, the passengers conducted a number of experiments.

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Source: CNN

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