How Sippd’s AI Enhances Wine Purchases


Artificial intelligence (AI) can’t taste or smell, at least not yet, but it’s becoming more and more common to use it to assist consumers in selecting a good bottle of wine. Sippd, an AI-powered wine recommendation app created by Blake Hershey, was reportedly inspired by his wife.

He is the wine expert in their relationship, so she texted him frequently from restaurants, asking for his recommendations when she was away with friends one weekend. The circumstances, according to Mr. Hershey, made him realize there could be a simpler method for consumers to choose a bottle they’d love, whether in a restaurant, supermarket, or wine shop.

Despite technological advancements, he adds, “the process of paging through lengthy wine lists filled with confusing wine terminology until you give up and ask the waiting staff for a recommendation seemed outdated to me.”

Thus, the concept for Sippd, a US-based company that will release its app there in 2021, was created. Sippd differs from other wine suggestion apps in that it was built on technology from the start, unlike market leader Vivino, which is now gradually integrating AI.

To get started, new users must answer questions about their preferences for several wine characteristics, including color, body, acidity, flavor, sweetness, and price.

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Grape to Glass

The “heavy lifting” is then done by the app’s AI engine, which creates hundreds of tailored wine suggestions it refers to as “taste matches.” These are scored in terms of percentages, with 100% representing the ideal match.

Using the camera on your smartphone, you can then begin scanning wine lists or labels, and Sippd will provide you with your taste match ratings for each bottle. When the user informs Sippd about his or her wine purchases, the software continues to learn. The objective is for the app’s personalized recommendations to become even more precise.

“New drinkers are frequently overwhelmed by the variety of options they have when buying wine, and they frequently have no idea where to start learning about their preferences toward certain flavors, characteristics, and styles,” he claims.

In order to provide new drinkers with a straightforward, easy method to delve into the huge world of wine, our team created the introduction quiz. The Sippd app, which is located in Maryland and is only now accessible in the US, has amassed 100,000 users. The company generates revenue by asking customers to order delivery of suggested wines straight through the app.

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Source: BBC

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