The Intriguing Tale of Apollo 12s Moon Museum


Apollo 12 in 1969, the second mission to land a crew on the moon, carried covert cargo on one of the lander’s legs.

Six pieces of art, including one by Andy Warhol, were engraved onto a ceramic tile that was approximately the size of a thumbnail. It was joined to a spaceship leg and dropped down on the moon alongside it, earning the moniker “Moon Museum.”

It was the first time that a work of human art had been placed on the moon, and two years later NASA sent an astronaut figurine aboard Apollo 15 that was titled Fallen Astronaut. To remember those who had died while attempting to explore the moon, astronauts erected the statue near the landing site.

Samuel Peralta, a Canadian physicist, artist, and businessman, is now working to dramatically increase the moon’s collection of artwork by sending up tens of thousands of pieces created by a wide range of artists from practically every nation on the globe.  It will be distributed through three launches scheduled over the following 18 months and is known as the Lunar Codex.

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Cultivating Creativity

This will mark the beginning of the moon colony’s arts and culture, according to Peralta, if NASA and other European and Asian nations are sincere in establishing a settlement there.

At first, Peralta only intended to launch his own creations to the moon. Since I was a small boy, I’ve been a poet, he said.

“I also dabbled in speculative fiction after working for a while in the high-tech and energy sectors.” 

Since 2015, he has been releasing “The Future Chronicles,” an anthology series with 22 volumes that include both established authors and up-and-coming talent. When he realized he might publish his works on the moon, he added, “The happiness I felt was then transmitted to the people who are in my books.”

He expanded the variety even further as a result of the pandemic in order to provide comfort and assistance during those trying times.

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Source: CNN

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