White House Kickstarts AI Contest to Defend U.S. Code


This week, the White House launched a two-year competition that would provide teams that create artificial intelligence technologies that can be used to safeguard crucial American computer code millions of dollars in prize money.

The White House stated on Wednesday that the competition, which will award over $20 million in prizes, will spur the development of innovative technology to quickly increase the security of computer code, one of cybersecurity’s most critical concerns. 

It is the most recent action taken by the Biden-Harris Administration to guarantee the proper development of new technology and safeguard Americans.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will host the AI Cyber Challenge, which will give AI development teams the opportunity to demonstrate to the agency early in the following year how their AI-powered tools can protect American code that “helps run the internet and other critical infrastructure.” 

At the DEF CON 2024 cybersecurity conference, the top 20 teams will participate, and the top five teams will win prizes and advance to the DEF CON 2025 final round.

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AI Empowerment for All

Four businesses that have recently collaborated with the White House on AI policy will aid competitors. Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI will make their technology available to rivals in order to keep up with the competition after agreeing with other businesses last month on a set of voluntary AI principles supported by the White House.

The winning software code will be used immediately to defend America’s most important software and keep the American people safe, according to the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF), an initiative of the Linux Foundation.

The Biden administration has taken a number of actions to affect the advancement of AI technology, including the competition. With the pledge it obtained from seven AI developers in July, “safer, more secure, and more transparent” AI standards would be ensured.

It was announced on Wednesday that the impartial assessment of the businesses’ AI-driven big language models will begin this week. It also stated that administration officials are working on an executive order on AI and are continuing to press for legislation in Congress to govern the development of AI.

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Source: FOX NEWS

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