Amazon Unveils GenAI-Powered Product Snapshot


In what the business is touting as its most recent review innovation, Amazon unveiled a new product review tool that employs generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to present an overview of what real consumers often think of products 

The new AI-generated customer review highlights are currently accessible to a portion of U.S. mobile shoppers for a variety of products, and the company may make them available to additional customers and categories in the coming months based on customer feedback, according to Vaughn Schermerhorn, the director of community shopping for the online retail giant.

A new AI-powered customer review summary is being introduced by Amazon for some U.S. customers, the company announced on Monday.

With the most recent developments in generative AI, Schermerhorn writes, “We believe we have the technical means to address this long-standing customer need. We want to make it even simpler for customers to understand the common themes across reviews.” 

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Generative AI’s Time to Shine

Since ChatGPT, a well-known GenAI chatbot from OpenAI, became accessible to the general public late last year, generative AI has received a lot of attention.

The technology can do a variety of functions, such as answering queries and creating content. Amazon’s new feature will make use of GenAI to analyze past customer reviews for recurring themes and present a brief summary of that feedback on a product’s description page.

Customers may quickly scan it to speed up the decision-making process compared to manually reading through hundreds of reviews. Amazon has been using AI for years, and CEO Andy Jassy recently stated that the business will continue to invest in the technology.

In addition, he stated, “I think it has the ability to transform virtually every customer experience that we know. He agreed that the “hype cycle” surrounding generative AI at the time, but he called it “one of the biggest technical transformations in our lifetimes.”

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Source: Fox Business

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