Navigating a Day Without Gravity


Imagine carrying out your daily tasks without considering gravity. Even though it’s funny to picture oneself floating around your home, simple tasks like brewing a cup of coffee can be difficult in zero gravity. 

Since liquids cannot flow in space without being drawn down by Earth’s gravity, astronauts utilize a unique coffee cup as a result of several fluid research studies conducted in space. 

Regular cargo missions bring in supplies when the crew of the International Space Station runs out of something, since they frequently test equipment there. However, the number of challenges increases when mankind considers exploring planets like Mars and outer space.

Space authorities must consider this when deciding what supplies will travel in close proximity to astronauts because the crew will need more than freeze-dried meals to live. 

For astronauts who want to eat healthy, fresh food, the designers at Nonfiction in San Francisco may have a solution. The company developed the idea for a culinary lab as a component of the Deep Space Food Challenge, which was funded by NASA and the Canadian Space Agency. The culinary lab may be a part of long-duration space journeys in the future.

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Galactic Gastronomy

The adaptable module allows crew members to grow their own fresh greens, prepare creamy coffee, and even cook meat while in space. A facility for growing algae would offer the opportunity for a peculiar yet nutrient-rich snack.

I went to Nonfiction in order to sample this dinner from the future. Through examination of ancient bacterial DNA acquired from mass burial sites in England, the first recorded cases of the plague in Great Britain were found.

The genetic makeup of the bacteria was found in 4,000-year-old human bones, making it thousands of years older than previously recognized plague strains. It is clear that the sickness was widespread based on the distance between the grave sites—one in southwest England and the other not far from the Scottish border.

Many issues, like the severity and manner of transmission, remain despite the fact that the new data is supporting specialists in pinpointing the periods when the pandemic initially appeared.

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Source: CNN

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