Auction of Former Twitter Assets by Advisory Firm


In a mid-September auction, an asset advisory and auction company will sell hundreds of items that serve social networking platform X’s time as Twitter.

According to Heritage Global Partners Website,  there are more than 750 items in the two-day online auction, some of which are more particular to X’s prior Twitter identity than others. They will go up for auction on September 12 in the morning.

The social media platform owned by tech tycoon Elon Musk is now known as X after ditching its recognizable blue bird logo in late July. 

The Twitter Blue subscription service has changed to X Premium, and the Twitter Help Center has become the X Help Center, among other changes to the site. 

A neon marquee light sign in the style of a hashtag, a “What’s Happening” agamograph, and a bird cage hanging daybed are just a few of the Twitter-specific things in the Twitter rebranding auction, according to the auction webpage.

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Exclusive Opportunity

A number of bird logo signs are also available for sale, including a few whose descriptions stated that their purchase required “hiring an SF licensed company with appropriate permits” because they were mounted to X’s downtown San Francisco structure.

Giant X sign briefly remained on the roof of the former Twitter headquarters, according to a prior story by FOX Business. After that, it was taken down.

The auction and asset advisory firm’s website states that bids for the numerous objects from the Twitter period will automatically begin at $25. A 19% buyer’s premium is also disclosed. For a response to the auction, FOX Business contacted X. Twitter office supplies have previously been auctioned off by Heritage Global Partners.

Like a previous auction held in January, the upcoming one will feature a number of office-related items, including desks, seats, equipment, couches, tables, and kitchenware. It contains some works of art, including a few with the Obamas’ and other famous people’s likenesses, that will also be put up for auction.

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Source: Fox Business

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