Ford CEO’s Electric Journey Spotlights User Complaints


While traveling cross-country in Ford’s electric pickup truck, CEO Jim Farley encountered a typical issue with electric car users, which he described as a “reality check.”

On X, the social networking platform that replaced Twitter, Farley admitted that charging had been difficult. It served as a good wake-up call to the difficulties our consumers face, the value of rapid charging, and what has to be done to enhance the charging experience.

He made the remark while driving the F-150 Lighting, Ford’s most recent electrically powered truck, round-trip through Route 66. The CEO posted descriptions of his experiences on X and LinkedIn.

Farley claimed to have visited a well-known charging station on Interstate 5 in Coalinga, California, where 40 Tesla Superchargers were easily accessible. The CEO of Ford had to use a slow charger, which, according to him, gave him a 40% charge in around 40 minutes.

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Full Speed Ahead

On a subsequent trip, Farley emphasized his satisfaction with the rapid and simple 350 kW charger in Baker, California, expressing his pleasure with the experience. The process “was so quick and easy. It amplified the impact excellent stations and quick charging can have on the whole EV experience, continued Farley.

Tesla’s electric-vehicle charging technology is faster than Ford’s, leading the automaker to partner with the Elon Musk-owned company to make its Supercharger network available to all Ford drivers.

The Michigan-based company’s lengthy charging time has been a barrier for slow adopters of electric vehicles to buy in. In the spring, the deployment is anticipated to begin. The purpose of Farley’s journey in the F-150 Lightning is to gain more insight into the EV experience. From Palo Alto, California, to Las Vegas, he traveled via Route 66.

Prior to leaving Ford, Farley said on LinkedIn that they would see researchers, businesses, dealers, salespeople, EV conversion shops, EV drivers, and communities.

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