TikTok Adds Text-Only Posts in Response to Competitors


As rivalry between the major social media platforms intensifies, TikTok has launched a new feature that enables users to produce text-only messages. This update comes only one day after Twitter changed its name and less than three weeks after Facebook released Threads.

“At TikTok, we always seek to provide our community and artists with cutting-edge tools that encourage self-expression.

In a statement posted late Monday, the Chinese-owned video streaming app said: “Today we’re delighted to announce the extension of text posts on TikTok, a new format for generating text-based content that broadens choices for artists to share their thoughts and express their creativity.

With text postings, TikTok is extending the possibilities for content creation for all users by providing the textual talent that has been evident in comments, captions, and videos its own place to shine.

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Textual Transformation

The new function comes as TikTok recently announced the launch of a new streaming music service that may compete with industry giants like Apple Music and Spotify and that the collaboration with Warner Music Group would “create new revenue, marketing, and insights opportunities for artists.”

According to the firm, users of TikTok will now have three options for content creation: text, video, and photos. When you choose text, TikTok added, “You’ll be taken to the text creation page, where you can type out the content of your post.” “There are well-known choices available for customizing your material. 

These include, among other things, adding sound, marking a place, enabling comments, and enabling duets. Thanks to these features, your text postings will be just as lively and engaging as any video or photo post.

One of the platforms with the fastest global growth is TikTok. In October 2020, it had more than 2 billion downloads globally, and in 2021, it surpassed Google to become the most popular website on the planet. In recent weeks, competition has increased among some of the largest social media networks.

Less than three weeks ago, Meta Platforms introduced Threads, a new social media platform and networking service, in an effort to compete with Twitter, only months after Elon Musk bought the firm in October 2022.

A black and white letter X was added to Twitter’s logo on Monday, replacing the fabled Twitter bird.

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Source: ABC NEWS

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