AI’s Impact on Résumés for Job Seekers


Many job seekers are hopeful that AI will make their resumes stand out. However, experts warn that it occasionally backfires.

When utilized properly, artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT may significantly enhance a resume and speed up the cumbersome CV-writing process that frequently befuddles job seekers. But when misused, the technology may trick people into falling into a number of traps.

Fortunately, experts have provided a number of solutions for job seekers to avoid these problems. Leveraging AI does have certain advantages when it comes to resumes.

The professional resume writing firm TopResume’s Amanda Augustine, a career consultant, told Yahoo Finance that it also had certain disadvantages. 

And in order to make sure that the document you create in the end is truly successful, I believe it’s crucial to understand what it can do effectively, what it can’t do so well, and how to control it.

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Data Dependency in AI Resume Creation

Despite the fact that AI is an effective tool for creating resumes, the technology is ultimately only as good as the data it is given. You don’t know how to write that in your prompt, and we do, he said. 

There are some ins and outs to what you’ve got to do on résumé. How to write a resume that will be read well by the hiring manager, the HR manager, the resume screening software, and the computer programs that businesses employ to read resumes.

For example, he frequently advises clients to use as many numbers as possible on their résumé to track accomplishments in a job, so a sales director may include the number of new clients he landed over the last quarter.  He added that ChatGPT is unaware of the strategies résumé writers use to attract prospective employers.

There are certain “ins and outs” to creating a resume, according to him. The hiring manager, HR manager, résumé screening software, and computer software that businesses utilize are all interested in your resume, he said.

Augustine also cautioned that AI runs the danger of obscuring a job seeker’s actual voice and making them appear unauthentic on their resume. Employers valued personality more than talent, education, and experience, according to a TopResume study conducted last year

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Source: Yahoo

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