Simone Biles Claims Eighth U.S. Championship After 10 Years


The gymnastics prodigy achieved her eighth U.S. Sunday night marked ten years since she initially rose to the top of her sport as a young prodigy.

Shilese Jones finished in second place with 118.40 points, four points behind Biles, who is now a 26-year-old newlywed and is regarded as one of the best gymnasts of all time. Leanne Wong, a junior from Florida, came in third, increasing her prospects of being selected for a third consecutive world championship squad.

It seems very certain that Biles will go back to the facility where she won her maiden global title in 2013. 

She made it clear throughout two thrilling evenings at the SAP Center that, even after a two-year layoff following the Tokyo Olympics, there remains one gymnast who is known as the GOAT and everyone else. Since USA Gymnastics started running the competition in 1963, Biles is the oldest woman to have won a national title.

Alfred Jochim, who won seven championships between 1925 and 1933 when the Amateur Athletics Union administered the competitions and rope climbing was one of the disciplines for men, fell behind her with eight victories.

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Numbers Fade, Performance Shines

“I don’t think about numbers,” Biles declared. “I assess my performance, and I believe that overall, I went 8 for 8, so I suppose it’s a lucky number this year.”

Over the past century, the sport has advanced significantly. Biles, who has spent the last ten years utilizing her unique abilities to push limits in several ways, has spent the most time at the extreme end of the Bell curve. Peaks shouldn’t persist for this long. Biles isn’t interested in that. The majority of top gymnasts at 26—at least the ones who haven’t retired—just want to keep what they have. 

She dislikes repetition. She says that she is doing “for herself” this time, and her clearly different attitude toward her work provides concrete evidence that she is not lying. in a secret as she prepares for a third Olympics because she is more interested in revealing snippets of her life outside of the gym than letting the public into her journey.

I prefer to keep my objectives private so that I know what I’m going for, according to Biles. I’m trying to move a little bit differently this year than I have in the past, and I believe it’s working so far, so I’m going to keep it private because I think it’s better that way.

Her life seems to be more in balance now that she’s embraced the phrase “it’s just gymnastics” that propelled her to success.

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Source: CBS News

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