NY Man Accused Of Killing His Housemate And Assaulting Her: Know More Here

NY Man Accused Of Killing His Housemate And Assaulting Her: Know More Here

In a Port Jefferson Station, New York, a man was charged on Tuesday after it was claimed that he beat and choked another man outside the home they shared, stripped the victim of his clothes, and urinated on his lifeless body before the victim passed away five days later.

NY Man Accused Of Killing His Housemate And Assaulting Her: Know More Here

Felix Martinez, 46, was charged with second-degree murder and second-degree attempted murder, according to an announcement made by Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond A. Tierney.

Martinez is charged with the murder of Richard Shields, 56, who passed away following a vicious attack in front of the home the two men shared.

“Richard Shields suffered brutal and deadly injuries after this defendant allegedly attacked him,” Tierney said. “My office will continue to work hard to ensure appropriate justice as a result. We will not allow individuals to carry out such acts of violence in Suffolk County without facing significant consequences.”

According to investigators, Martinez accosted Shields in front of the home they shared on Jarvin Road in Port Jefferson Station on August 4, 2023, shortly after noon.

Investigators were able to collect footage of the alleged incident from a neighbour’s home security system.

According to the camera, Shield was seated in a chair outside the house when Martinez addressed him.

Following that, Martinez allegedly repeatedly punched, strangled, and stomped on Shields for the next fifteen minutes before striking him in the head with a mop bucket.

Investigators said that towards the end of the assault, Martinez stripped Shields of his clothes and urinated on him as he lay on the ground and was unconscious.

The Suffolk County Police Department reportedly found Martinez smoking a cigar in front of the residence when they got at the scene, according to the district attorney’s office. Shields lay at Martinez’s feet, lifeless.

Shields was taken to a local hospital as Martinez was arrested.

The DA’s office noted that the victim passed away on August 9 as a result of the injuries he received in Martinez’s attack.

On Tuesday, the suspect appeared before Justice John B. Collins of the Suffolk County Supreme Court and was charged with the crimes listed in the indictment.

Martinez was detained without posting bond, and his next hearing is set for September 22. He faces a 25-year to life sentence if convicted of the most serious offence.

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