Seattle Guy Robbed At Gunpoint Outside His Home: Know More Here

Seattle Guy Robbed At Gunpoint Outside His Home: Know More Here

Two masked criminals approached a guy with what seemed to be weapons from behind over the weekend, tasered him, and then robbed him outside a residence, according to home security footage.

Seattle Guy Robbed At Gunpoint Outside His Home: Know More Here

Around 4:40 on Saturday, the robbery took place in the Beacon Hill area.

According to the footage, the victim, who appears to be of Asian ethnicity, approaches the doorbell of the residence when two masked individuals approach him from behind and demand his possessions.

“Take that wallet out right now. Everything you got,” one of the masked suspects says while pointing what appears to be a handgun at the victim.

The man shows signs of confusion and resists their requests at first. Language was an issue, according to the police, between the perpetrators and the victim.

The victim is promptly shocked by the second masked suspect’s taser, causing the victim to fall to the ground.

One of the suspects turns away the home security camera that is focused in their direction while the two suspects search through the victim’s pockets and fight to remove the rings from his fingers.

After that, the suspects leave the porch. Before rising by himself and leaving the house on the path, the victim is heard breathing heavily.

According to Seattle Police, the investigation is still ongoing.

According to FOX13 Seattle, which cited police, the suspects used the taser throughout the heist to keep the victim subdued for a longer period of time. The suspects took the man’s iPhone, wallet, gold jewellery, and auto keys.

Police said they are looking into a pattern of masked teens targeting residents of Asian origin in the Rainier Beach, Rainier View, and Beacon Hill neighbourhoods after the frightening video’s release, the source claimed.

“It’s a group of three to seven Black males in their teens,” Seattle Police Officer Judinna Gulpan told the station. “They are armed and they are targeting elderly Asians within our communities within the south precinct.”

It was unclear if the alleged gang was accountable for the most recent robbery.

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