Smooth Sailing for Coco Gauff: Second-Round Victory Eases Early Tournament Tensions


In contrast to her first-round encounter, Coco Gauff’s second-round contest was a breeze.

The No. 6 Gauff triumph over Russia’s Mirra Andreeva on Wednesday, 6-3, 6-2, gave for a drama-free morning in contrast to the battle with Laura Siegemund on the first night of the Grand Slam tournament, when tennis fans watched just about everything in one match.

Andreeva, 16, is the youngest participant in the competition. She lost to Gauff in the third round of the French Open and the fourth round at Wimbledon. In her second-round encounter on Wednesday, Gauff went to the net 18 times and scored 15 points.

After finding it difficult to defeat Siegemund in three sets in the opening round, she attributed her improved net game to Throughout the opening set, which Gauff lost to Siegemund 3-6, the German took her time getting to her towel and ran the serve clock to zero throughout her serving frames.

Before the second set, the 19-year-old did not address chair umpire Marijana Veljovic, shouting at her for failing to penalize Siegemund for time violations.

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Inequitable Officiating

“How is this fair? She’s never prepared while I’m working; she came over to speak maybe four times, and you only gave her a time violation once, Gauff said in despair. “No, you’re announcing the score after the point has ended; we’re not playing extended points, either.

Six seconds after the end of the point, you’re calling the score!”

The 35-year-old Siegemund struggled to keep up with the youthful sensation as Gauff easily won the second set 6-2.

Therefore, her plan. In the third set decider, with Gauff ahead 3-0, Siegemund signaled that she wasn’t prepared for Gauff’s serve by throwing her hands in the air.

The umpire, with whom Siegemund indicated she did not get along well, complied with her request. “You missed her maybe four times. Never is she prepared! It’s not like we’re playing 30-ball rallies or something. I’m moving at a normal speed, and there are two balls! Ask any referee here; I move at a medium pace, he said.

The crowd yelled in favor of Gauff, shouting “time” at Siegemund when she rushed at the clock and pointed to their wrists to mimic a watch. Gauff was not alone in her irritation; her coaches were also obviously unhappy.

In a postgame news conference, Siegemund ripped against the home audience because she did not like it.

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Source: NY Post

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