Former President on Trial: Trump’s Marathon Day of Questioning


The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, sat down at a packed conference table on the 16th floor of a lower Manhattan office building one Thursday in April and complied with a day-long pre-trial questioning that was mandated by the court.

Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, claims that Trump exploited a decade of sloppy math to pocket $250 million in earnings and avoid interest while misrepresenting his wealth to banks by billions of dollars.

Trump gave away some information about how he expects to prevail in a civil trial against James, who wants a Manhattan judge to ban him and his two eldest sons from ever operating a business in New York State again, as he sat at that conference table defending the company founded by his father and grandmother almost 100 years ago.

On October 2, the trial is set to begin. Here are Trump’s top five corporate fraud defenses, as stated in a transcript of a deposition that was just made public. Two former attorneys for James’ office also cite this as a reason why they believe these defenses would fail.

Trump said throughout his deposition that he transferred financial reporting duties to his top executives and his accountants, distancing himself from his multibillion-dollar real estate and golf resort enterprise, the Trump Organization.

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Presidential Priorities

He said that he was too preoccupied with preventing a “nuclear holocaust” during his reign. Since 2015, when he first stood for government, he has “virtually” played no part, according to him.

Trump addressed a room full of 14 attorneys, including the attorney general herself and four members of his own defense team, saying, “My son Eric is much more involved with it than I am.”

“I’ve been doing other things. And I guess you could say something major, final decisions, whatever,” he continued.

“However, over the last five, five, or six years, I’ve been much less involved in it than ever before.” When asked whether anything would “bubble up” at the Trump Organization that he’d have to handle in those years by a counsel for James, Kevin C. Wallace, the former president said, “I can virtually not think of anything,” except for telling his executives, “They’re great properties; run them.”

He deflected responsibility for the correctness of his allegedly fraudulent financial files to his now-former accountants by saying, “You’d have to ask Mazars,” in reference to them.

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Source: Business Insider

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