How I Tackled My Investment Mistakes in 2023


One of the riskiest financial decisions I’ve ever made in my life occurred during the epidemic. I chose to withdraw funds from my savings account and invest them in the stock market for the first time ever.

I’ve lost thousands of dollars over the past few years due to careless purchasing choices and a lack of monitoring of my stock account. I set out to correct my investing approach and get rid of risk in 2023 because of this.

To achieve that, I made the decision to remove funds from the stock market and place them in some of the greatest CDs. Here are three reasons why I’m happy I made that decision: I had been making investments in specific stocks.

In the year 2020, I made the decision to withdraw funds from my savings account and purchase a variety of unrelated stocks. I had neither a plan nor any expert counsel.

I considered my stock portfolio a game, and the money I invested was play money. I didn’t look up businesses, purchase index funds, or make an effort to diversify the stock types I was purchasing.

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Stock Market Reflections

My outcomes were poor as a result, and my risk was quite high. I couldn’t give trading stocks the kind of concentration it needed. I’ve spent the last five years observing the ups and downs of the various equities I purchased. 

None of these stocks were sold by me at a high or low price. I wasn’t regularly monitoring the market, so I wasn’t aware of how my stock was performing or when the time was right to sell.

I wanted to revamp my approach to investing. My first stock market investment goal was to purchase individual equities as a long-term investment. But I soon recognized that the chances of my succeeding with this present technique in the future were extremely low because my stock selections were arbitrary and my portfolio wasn’t diversified.

This year, I made the decision to change my investment approach because I felt that my finances needed a significant reset. I intended to withdraw some funds from the stock market, grow them in 5% APY CDs, and then reinvest the proceeds from the CDs the following year in a more carefully considered long-term stock market strategy.

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Source: Business Insider

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