Americans Are Being Shot As Vehicles Enter Mexico And Cartel Violence Is On The Rise: Know More Here

Three individuals, including Americans, were hurt when gunmen assaulted a convoy of vehicles in Mexico as they crossed the southern border from the U.S.

Americans Are Being Shot As Vehicles Enter Mexico And Cartel Violence Is On The Rise: Know More Here

The Associated Press said that an unspecified number of gunmen opened fire on the trucks as the convoy was crossing a bridge early on Saturday connecting Roma, Texas, with the Mexican town of Miguel Alemán.

Uncertainty exists about how many of the three injured in the attack are Americans. Initially stating that nine people had been hurt, the Mexican government agency later stated that three of the victims had been shot and an additional six had suffered panic attacks.

At least 20 people were travelling in the convoy from the United States to central Mexico, a representative of the neighbourhood fire department told the Associated Press. According to a press release from Mexico’s National Migration Institute, the group consisted of 16 Mexicans and four Americans and was travelling in two trucks, a van, and a pickup vehicle, according to CBS News.

The three injured individuals were transported to the international bridge where they were turned over to American police. Uncertainty surrounds their current state of health.

According to the National Migration Institute, three people were shot: a guy in the thigh, a man in the finger, and a woman in the back.

Several American residents reportedly suffered injuries close to Ciudad Miguel Alemán, Mexico, according to reports, a representative for the State Department told Fox News Digital on Monday. The spokeswoman emphasised that the department’s primary priority is ensuring the safety of Americans travelling abroad while stating that they did not have any additional facts to share due to privacy concerns.

The U.S. State Department warned Americans earlier this year not to travel to Tamaulipas, a state in Mexico that is notorious for its high levels of crime and cartel activities. One of Mexico’s oldest criminal organisations, the Gulf Cartel, commonly known as the Matamoros Cartel, is based in Tamaulipas.

Violent crime — such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery — is widespread and common in Mexico,” the State Department’s advisory reads. “The U.S. government has limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens in many areas of Mexico, as travel by U.S. government employees to certain areas is prohibited or restricted. In many states, local emergency services are limited outside the state capital or major cities.”

In March, four Americans were kidnapped and fired upon as they crossed the border from Texas to Tamaulipas. Two of the Americans died, and two others were saved from being held captive in a shed by alleged Gulf Cartel members.

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