Allergies or Illness? How to Determine the Cause of Your Symptoms


It’s that time of year when everyone seems to be sick at school, work, and church. Seasonal ailments in the fall have arrived. Everywhere you look, it appears like someone is ill or is missing school or work to treat their symptoms.

“Well, there’s certainly been a pretty significant increase in COVID, so we’re seeing a lot more people coming down with COVID, as well as a GI bug, which could be a norovirus, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration.” “You know, I think every year when kids go back to school, you start to see stuff spreading, and then of course they bring it home to the parents,” said Summit Medical Group’s Dr. Eric Penniman.

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He described some of the autumn season ailments that are circulating, as many people wonder, “Is it a cold, allergies, or COVID that I am feeling?”

“It’s a tricky thing and a lot of patients, they wonder, right? And so, as family doctors, we look for clues in general. Allergies tend to have symptoms where you don’t get a fever, you don’t get what we call malaise or that fatigue, and you just feel sick you know,” he explained.

Some symptom distinctions might help you determine what condition you have and where to proceed from there.

“COVID, you’re going to feel like you’re going to get ill. You may get a fever, yet we know that 20% of patients with COVID never have a fever. So, fever, you can’t always rely on that, and the presentation of COVID might be extremely diverse,” Penniman explained.

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He stated that the most essential thing you can do is to be attentive to individuals with whom you will regularly deal.

“If you could spread it to your 80-year-old father, who has COPD or heart disease, it could be a life-threatening illness for him.” So, regardless of colds, influenza, COVID, RSV, or whatever it is, it’s critical that we try not to transfer it to others,” he stated.


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