Guillain-Barré Syndrome: Man Struck by Rare Autoimmune Disease Following Once-in-a-Lifetime Dream Vacation


After returning from a fantasy vacation in Bali, a guy was paralyzed from the neck down after getting a rare auto-immune illness. When Tom Pegg, a 23-year-old real estate agent from Cheshire, returned to his Dubai home in June, he got an unsettled stomach, a frequent complaint for visitors returning from the island.

His symptoms increased over the next five days, and his eye began to swell, followed by his throat. He was taken to the hospital, where physicians suspected an allergic response and gave him an antihistamine shot. But two days later, his closest buddy went to the ER because both of his eyes had swollen shut, he was struggling to breathe, and he couldn’t communicate.

He returned to Al Qaassimi Hospital and was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare disorder in which the body attacks itself and shuts down. Hollie Pegg, 28, a beauty therapist from Cheshire, said: “It’s been really scary; I’d never heard of the disease before.” My brother is a dynamic, pleasant, and laid-back individual.

“He’s gone from a fit, healthy, fun-loving guy to frail – he looks like a little boy.”

“It’s a horrifying disease that strikes suddenly and unexpectedly.” My brother’s life has been placed on hold as a result.”

She stated that her brother has a severe instance of the illness, which has rendered him paralyzed from the neck down. He is relearning to walk, although it is unknown how long this will take. Guillain-Barre syndrome is often caused by an infection in which the immune system attacks the nerve system rather than the germs that have invaded the body.

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Recovery and Risk: Long-Term Complications Explored According to the NHS

According to the NHS website, most individuals recover within a year, but one in every five patients will experience long-term complications, which can be fatal.

Mr Pegg was placed in an induced coma for five days while his father, Adam Pegg, 56, and sister traveled over to be with him. Julia Royle, 56, was unable to accompany them since she is suffering stage three breast cancer and is unable to fly.

The family has now donated more than £100,000 to transport Mr Pegg back to the University of North Staffordshire Hospital for treatment.

“Having Tom home is a great distraction for my mum, she is so relieved and sees him every day,” Ms Pegg added.

Mr Pegg is gradually regaining his strength as he begins the tough process of relearning to walk and talk. Nobody knows how long he will stay in the hospital for; he has been there for almost nine weeks. Also stated that he had reacted favorably to plasma exchange therapy, which involves filtering blood to eliminate dangerous antibodies attacking nerves, and that his limbs were functioning normally again. He has also regained use of his eyes after briefly losing them.

Mr Pegg had just arrived in Dubai from Cheshire, where he had commenced his dream life in the sun. According to his sister, his prognosis is unclear, but Mr Pegg is determined to get back on his feet.

“He’s managing to get out of bed for short periods of time, but he’s still very weak and on oxygen,” she added.

“He has a tracheotomy in his throat, which prevents him from swallowing or speaking, and he can’t breathe through his mouth or nose.”

“He is fully aware of what is happening and retains his sense of humor – he can now see and type on his phone to communicate with his friends, but he can’t move his face.”

We don’t know how long this will take, so we’re taking small steps.

“He is the strongest, most determined person I have ever met.”

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Source: Independent

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