New York Surgeon Sued for Harassing His Driver, Obsessively Talking About His Genitals


A New York City oral surgeon’s chauffeur has been accused of sexual harassment, including forcing him to gaze at his penis while stroking it as he was driven about. Driver Christopher Jackson, 43, has filed a case in Brooklyn Supreme Court against Dr. Gabriel Hershman, a 40-year-old NYPD oral surgeon.

Jackson was employed as Dr. Hershman’s personal driver in April 2022 and would transport him from his Queens home to his Brooklyn office, as well as many other routes such as excursions to his Jewish studies class and coffee runs. However, Jackson, who resides in Brooklyn, quit Hershman’s medical business in June, barely two months after starting as Hershman’s driver, due to claimed continuing sexual harassment.

The complaint contains troubling examples of harassment, such as Dr. Hershman continually addressing the size of his own genitals, which he is said to be fanatical about, mentioning it at least four times a week.  Hershman ‘began talking about the modest size of his penis,’ which became ‘an obsessive topic of conversation as he mentioned how he hoped he could add inches to it,’ according to the lawsuit. 

He purportedly stated a wish to grow in size during one chat.

According to the lawsuit, Dr. Hershman also reportedly disclosed intimate information about his poor sex life with his wife and made inappropriate remarks about Jackson’s sex life, including obscene comments about a hotel.

Hershman stated in the lawsuit that it was the sort of location where ‘a fat n****r called Shanequa would come to your room and sit on your face… you know you want that.’ In addition, the dentist reportedly requested Jackson to gaze at him while he participated in sexual activity, all while making suggestive sounds. 

Dr. Hershman insisted on making eye contact through the rearview mirror as Jackson’made groaning sounds, stating he was going to ejaculate.’

Jackson repeatedly requested that such chats cease, but Dr. Hershman insisted, ultimately resulting to Jackson’s departure.

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Alleged Harassment: Lawsuit Claims Continuous Unwanted Conversations

A New York City oral surgeon’s chauffeur has been accused of sexual harassment, including forcing him to gaze at his penis while stroking it as he was driven about.

According to the lawsuit, Jackson “constantly requested that these conversations cease.” 

Jackson expressed his displeasure and worry over the situation.

‘There is no human person who is trying to earn a livelihood who should have been exposed to that sort of abuse, and I think it’s just disgusting,’ he told the publication. 

‘He didn’t care,’ Jackson said. ‘He has money and his father has money and he thinks that is something that’s going to save them from everything.’.’ 

He also emphasized the huge power imbalance, with Dr. Hershman’s financial means and social stature complicating matters.

‘He walks about like a model citizen in his religious community, business community, and the New York City Police Department,’ Jackson added.

‘I hope that he’s held accountable. I hope he doesn’t do that to anybody else.’

Jackson contacted Dr. Hershman with a videotape of the harassment in an attempt to halt it. The doctor did not reject the charges, but instead apologized, stating it was just ‘locker room chat’. 

‘Just because we’re in the automobile doesn’t mean we’re not working,’ Jackson explained to Dr. Hershman. ‘I’m not going to be subjected to this any longer,’ Jackson declared.

Jackson, who would be on call every day from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. to drive Dr. Hershman around in his Cadillac Escalade, emphasized the significance of being professional even while driving.

Jackson is currently suing Dr. Hershman, his father, and their medical practice. He is requesting an undefined sum of money in compensation for a hostile work environment and underpaid overtime earnings. 

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Lawyer Highlights the Varied Forms of Sexual Harassment

While denouncing Dr. Hershman’s acts as heinous, Jackson’s lawyer, Jon Bell, underlined that sexual harassment takes various forms and is not confined to certain genders or activities.

‘Just talking in a very sexual way with one of your employee subordinates is a violation,’ Bell said. ‘Chris, rightfully so, felt very uncomfortable.’

‘All [Jackson] is doing is trying to support himself and his family during these tough times and the arrogance of this physician to turn around and treat Chris like that, not only with the blatant statements but to treat him unfairly with the amount of wages …it’s really an egregious case,’ Bell stated.

Jason Zoldessy, Dr. Hershman’s attorney, said Jackson had mental health difficulties and made up the charges after learning he was being dismissed.

‘When challenged with his dismissal, he concocted this sleazy story. ‘Our clients plan to contest the accusations vigorously,’ said Zoldessy. 

Jackson’s attorney, Bell, denied such charges as baseless and stated his willingness to answer them in court. 

‘We are perplexed that Dr. Hershman, instead of accepting responsibility for his heinous behavior, is now attempting to twist the narrative that Mr. Jackson was somehow dismissed,’ Bell added. ‘We look forward to dealing with this in court.’ 

Dr. Hershman has not yet responded to the charges.


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Source: Daily Mail

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