Drivers Passing By An Armed Carjacking Of A Chicago Driver In A City Troubled By Crime

Drivers Passing By An Armed Carjacking Of A Chicago Driver In A City Troubled By Crime

The moment a Chicago driver was carjacked in a coordinated, surprise attack by several armed men is captured on a stunning video, underscoring the city’s prevalent and brazen crime wave.

Drivers Passing By An Armed Carjacking Of A Chicago Driver In A City Troubled By Crime

The victim seems to be parked on the side of the road near a busy junction in the 1700 block of North Western when several armed men quickly approach and steal his car, according to surveillance video that has been released online and shared with Fox News Digital.

The victim was idling his car with the lights on when, seemingly out of nowhere, an SUV and a sedan coming from the opposite way drove over several lanes of traffic and encircled the vehicle, preventing a possible escape. The crime occurred at night. Then, exiting the SUV at an angle in front of the victim’s car, the front-seat passenger turns a gun on the victim.

The SUV’s driver can be seen moving ahead to further obstruct the victim’s attempts to flee while the victim is seen trying to pull forward. Additionally, two suspects come out of the automobile and are seen standing close to it. The attackers then get access to the victim’s car.

The victim is pulled from the car. The victim is then seen lying face down in the roadway as the sedan and SUV drive away. He is lying still, but he appears to be awake and looking around.

At least two of the carjackers get inside the victim’s car but choose not to leave right away. Once all three vehicles—including the victim’s vehicle—have left, the other offenders briefly reappear.

Less than two minutes were spent on the entire video and the crime it depicted.

The timing and close coordination indicate that these criminals are experienced car thieves.

The crime is taking place as at least seven automobiles are visible crossing the crossroads.

In an effort to learn more about the event, Fox News Digital contacted the Chicago Police Department, but did not immediately hear back.

The Democrat-run city has fallen victim to an upsurge in crime and violence since previous Mayor Lori Lightfoot left office in 2023 and was replaced by Brandon Johnson.

Over the Labour Day weekend, dozens of individuals, including a 6-year-old, were shot in Chicago. Six people were killed in separate occurrences as a result of the brutal shootings, including a 13-year-old who was shot in the head and two 15-year-old teenagers.

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