Why Melania Trump May Consider Revisiting Her Prenuptial Agreement with Donald Trump


Melania Trump spent the first several months of her husband’s administration renegotiating the terms of their prenuptial agreement in New York, according to Mary Jordan, a Washington Post writer, in her book “The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump.” Now, as Donald Trump retains his position as the leading Republican candidate for the 2024 Republican nomination, while being beset by a mountain of mounting legal problems, two attorneys told Insider that Melania Trump would be prudent to reconsider those terms once more.

On Thursday that the former first lady had already done so, citing two anonymous sources who said Melania Trump “quietly” renegotiated the terms of a new “postnup” arrangement with her husband during the previous year. The information could not be independently confirmed by Insider. Representatives for Donald Trump and other Melania Trump associates did not reply quickly to Insider’s requests for comment.

Attorneys told Insider that renegotiating a prenup isn’t just for couples who are having marital problems. Reevaluating the legal arrangement is also prevalent among individuals who expect future financial difficulty. Trump is facing four criminal indictments as well as a civil case in Manhattan, where a court ordered that the Trump Organization’s corporate charters in New York be canceled.

“She may well want additional protections for herself and her son,” said Bill Beslow, a powerful New York City divorce lawyer who represented Marla Maples in her divorce from Trump in 1999.

Beslow could not confirm any details of the current Trump couple’s prenup, but he did say that securing your part in marital assets is vital “if you think the whole roof may fall in on you.” According to Beslow, whose clients include Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman, Al Pacino, Linda Evangelista, and Mia Farrow, Melania Trump may wish to take advantage of the influence she now has.

“She may be saying ‘this is what you need to do, if you want me on your side, if you want me on the campaign trail, if you want me in the courtroom,'” he stated.

“And he may need her to not do certain things,” Beslow noted. “What’s that worth for him, for example, for her not to write a book?”

Melania Trump has withdrawn from her husband’s 2024 presidential campaign, declining public appearances with Donald Trump on the campaign road and in court. As Donald Trump’s legal woes rise, so will his legal bills, according to Neama Rahmani, head of West Coast Trial Lawyers. “There’s a possibility that when it’s all said and done, Trump isn’t going to be in a good financial state,” Rahmani stated to Insider.

“She may be trying to protect herself,” he stated.

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Legal Expert Advises Caution: Prenup Renegotiations Not Always a Sign of Marital Trouble

Beslow, on the other hand, cautioned against assuming that a prenup-renegotiation meant the Trump marriage is in trouble. Prenups are renegotiated by spouses in high-power, high-asset marriages for benign reasons, such as a gesture of goodwill, he added. However, more sinister impulses might also be at work. A prenuptial agreement can be modified to protect marital property out of the hands of creditors. “The spouse who is having financial difficulties, or facing financial difficulties, may want to transfer assets out of his or her name,” Beslow stated.

“That would be all with the view toward avoiding the seizure of those assets,” he stated. Regardless of what happens come 2024, Melania Trump is wise to renegotiate the agreement now, Rahmani said.

“To the extent that you can get money from the marriage now, before his creditors get to him, that’s something you should consider,” he said.


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