Horrifying Revelation: Israeli Reality TV Star Claims Hamas Terrorist Sent Video of Son and Girlfriend’s Gruesome Murder


An Israeli reality television personality wept as she read a heartbreaking social media post describing the brutal murder of a man and his fiancée, as well as the terrorist who sent a video of the barbaric act to the man’s mother. According to Israel Hayom, the incident occurred after 260 people were killed at a music festival in the Negev Desert on the first day of the ambush attack, Saturday.

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Married at First Sight’ Star Shares Heartbreaking Account of Terrorist Atrocity

Wednesday, “Wedding at First Sight” star Mor Radmy shared the sorrowful story on her Instagram account. 

“A son of a close acquaintance of mine went AWOL at the rave party. “Today she received a video of her son and his girlfriend being murdered by the terrorist,” Radmi wrote in a distraught Instagram post. 

“He took the video in her son’s phone and sent it to her through her son’s phone,” Radmy explained.

The death toll continues to rise in the harrowing days following Saturday’s outbreak of war. Nearly 2,300 people have been slain on both sides of the conflict as of Wednesday, including over 1,200 Israelis.


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Source: Fox News

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