White House Clarifies Biden’s Statement About Beheaded Israeli Children


The White House was compelled to retract vice president Joe Biden’s claim that he had seen “confirmed pictures” of “terrorists beheading children” in Israel. The Israel Defense Force previously alleged that at least 40 infants were slain in the Kfar Aza kibbutz during the Hamas militant group’s attack on Israel over the weekend. Later, the army clarified to the Anadolu news agency that there was “no information confirming” claims that Hamas had beheaded infants. Speaking at a roundtable of Jewish community leaders in Washington, Mr Biden said: “I never really thought that I would see, have confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children.”

Later, in a clarification to The Washington Post, the White House stated that neither the president nor US officials had seen the images nor independently confirmed the reports. President Biden predicated his remarks about the alleged beheading on claims made by the spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and media reports, it was added. Mr. Biden stated earlier in the day that he had spoken with Mr. Netanyahu for the fourth time in recent days and advised him that Israel should adhere to the laws of war in its response to Hamas.

According to Palestinian media citing Gaza’s health ministry, the mortality toll in Gaza has risen to 1,200, with approximately 5,600 wounded.

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Israeli Airstrikes Pound Gaza City Following Hamas’ Deadly Attack, Displacing Thousands

In retaliation for the weekend attack by Hamas militants who rampaged through towns and villages, murdering 1,200 people and seizing dozens of hostages, including foreign nationals, Israeli aircraft have bombarded Gaza City for days. In line with the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the enclave, 340,000 of Gaza’s 2.3 million inhabitants have been displaced as a result of the conflict, and about 65% of them have sought refuge in shelters or schools.

Mr. Biden stated that the assault was “the most deadly day for Jews since the Holocaust.” He told the Jewish leaders, “This attack was a campaign of pure cruelty – not just hatred, but pure cruelty – against the Jewish people.”

The president warned Iran against getting involved in Israel’s conflict, adding that his deployment of military ships and aircraft closer to Israel should be seen as a signal to Iran, which backs Islamist organizations Hamas and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Mr. Biden stated, “We made it clear to the Iranians: Be cautious.”



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Source: Independent

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