Mexican Drug Gangs Caught on Drone Cam Throwing Explosives at Texas Border


Authorities say Mexican drug cartel operators continue to engage in violent crimes along Texas’s southern border near the Rio Grande, with new footage showing them hurling explosives as an intimidation tactic. On Wednesday, the Texas Department of Public Safety shared a video on social media showing both thermal and non-thermal views of a group of cartel operators, as identified by DPS, hurling the explosives.

In the thermal perspective, the video shows a group of four agents tossing two things, which explode seconds later. A jet of sparks spirals to the left and front of the operators before striking the ground and bursting in the non-thermal vision.

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Texas Authorizes Increased Policing as Cartel Activity Rises Near Fronton Island on US-Mexico Border

According to Texas DPS, cartel operators are committing violent actions and increasing intimidation techniques across from Fronton Island, which Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham has granted Texas DPS and Texas Rangers authorization to police.

The little island on the Rio Grande, which stands on the border between the United States and Mexico, has become a haven for drug cartels and other criminal activity. Buckingham told Fox News Digital in September that the region was not challenged, but her administration felt compelled to proclaim it state property in response to a request from law enforcement. According to the Texas DPS, the cartels are still fighting in Los Guerra, Mexico, for “lucrative smuggling routes.”


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Source: Fox News

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