Iceland: Volcanic Eruption May Last For Weeks; Roads Cracked, Authorities Orders Evacuation


According to an expert, there are concerns that a volcano in Iceland may erupt soon, potentially resulting in the continuous flow of lava for an extended period of time. These fears have intensified as over 2,800 tremors were detected within the past day.

In a concerning development, the Fagradalsfjall volcano located on the Reykjanes peninsula, which happens to be the youngest region of Iceland, has posed a significant threat to the town of Grindavik.

As a result, the approximately 4,000 residents of Grindavik have been forced to evacuate from their homes. This drastic measure comes after a state of emergency was officially declared on Friday, underscoring the severity of the situation.

Vidir Reynisson, the head of Iceland’s Civil Protection and Emergency Management, expressed deep concern regarding the houses and infrastructure in the area.

According to experts, the magma has reached an extremely shallow depth, leading to predictions of an imminent eruption. It is anticipated that the eruption could occur within a matter of hours, at the earliest, or within a span of a few days, at the latest.

In a significant development, experts have recently revealed that a corridor, stretching approximately nine miles (15km), has formed beneath the town of Grindavik. This corridor, located a staggering three miles below the surface, has been accumulating magma, raising concerns about the potential for a volcanic eruption.

Disturbingly, experts warn that the eruption could occur at any point along this extensive intrusion. In the region to the north-west of Grindavik, a total of 2,800 earthquakes were recorded, all measuring below 3.0 in magnitude.

According to Mr. Reynisson, the most probable outcome involves the opening of a fissure, resulting in an eruption in the vicinity of Grindavik. There is a fissure spanning approximately 15 kilometers in length. They assert that the possibility of an eruption exists at any point along this fissure.

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State of Emergency in Iceland

There are concerns that a volcano in Iceland may erupt soon, potentially resulting in the continuous flow of lava for an extended period of time.

Icelanders are currently in a state of anticipation, as they experienced a series of tremors throughout the night. The recent threat of an eruption has brought back painful memories of the 2010 explosion at Eyjafjallajokull, another volcano in Iceland, causing distress among the local population.

In an unprecedented event, a massive cloud of ash was generated, leading to the largest shutdown of global aviation since the Second World War. This unforeseen occurrence resulted in the cancellation of a staggering 50,000 flights and left a staggering eight million passengers stranded and affected.

According to an official from the Iceland Met Office, when comparing a potential eruption of Fagradalsfjall to the previous eruption of Eyjafjallajokull, there are notable differences. The official stated that while an eruption of Fagradalsfjall could result in the spewing of lava over the nearby town, it is less likely to generate a similar ash blast.

In what could potentially be a significant volcanic event, a lava-producing eruption is anticipated to occur along a series of fishers, posing a primary hazard.

In a potentially prolonged eruption, blowing lava poses a significant threat to various forms of infrastructure, including roads.
In a cautionary statement, Ragga Ágústdóttir, a resident residing in close proximity to Grinvadik, expressed concerns about the potential destruction of the town.

In the latest development, the current scenario being discussed is the possibility of the event taking place either within or in close proximity to the town of Grindavik. In a statement, she expressed her dissatisfaction, stating that there are no viable choices available in the current situation.

In a series of striking images, the town has been depicted as a scene of chaos and destruction. Captured by cameras, these pictures reveal the presence of vast and ominous chasms that have emerged throughout the area. The once sturdy roads now lie in ruins, while pavements have been mercilessly torn apart. Additionally, a golf course has not been spared from the relentless forces at play, as the land beneath it ominously slips away.

All roads that lead to the town are closed, while the roads leading to Iceland’s international airports in the north of the peninsula are still open. In a recent development, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, the former President of Iceland, has brought to light a noteworthy occurrence involving a sequence of earthquakes near the island of Eldey, situated off the Reykjanes peninsula.

In an exclusive interview this morning, X expressed concerns about the ongoing activity, suggesting that there could potentially be an eruption occurring beneath the seabed. This development, if confirmed, would introduce a significant and unpredictable element to the situation.

According to Thorvaldur Thordarson, a professor of volcanology at the University of Iceland, he stated in an interview with state broadcaster RUV over the weekend that an eruption could occur in a matter of hours or a few days. According to recent reports, the probability of an eruption has experienced a notable surge.

Grindavik was evacuated by police following seismic activity that shifted southwards towards the town. Iceland’s Meteorological Office has reported the presence of a corridor of magma, or semi-molten rock, believed to be extending beneath the community.

In a time-sensitive situation, residents of the area were granted a mere 15-minute window to swiftly retrieve their beloved pets and essential belongings following their evacuation from their residences.

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