Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Right-Hand Man Says Iran Should Not Meddle Israel-Hamas Conflict or Risk Making ‘Big Mistake’


In a strong message delivered today, Israel issued a clear warning to Iran, cautioning against involvement in their ongoing conflict with Hamas.

The Israeli authorities emphasized that any interference from Iran would be deemed a “big mistake” with potentially severe consequences.

In a statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-hand man, Ophir Falk, emphasized the importance of Iran paying close attention to the words of US President Joe Biden.

In a statement, Ophir expressed his belief that there should be no interference in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Israel emphasized its commitment to dismantling Hamas and expressed their readiness to face any potential additional fronts while expressing hope that such a scenario does not occur.

According to the IDF, they are fully prepared and caution against the potential consequences of opening another front on Israel, emphasizing that it would be a significant mistake.

In a recent statement, Foreign Policy Adviser Falk expressed Israel’s appreciation for the support received from London and Washington. However, he also made a remark regarding the large number of individuals participating in pro-Palestinian marches, describing them as “misinformed” about the extent of the brutal actions carried out by Hamas.
According to his statement, it appears that a majority of the individuals participating in the protests lack accurate information.

In light of the recent events, it is doubtful that individuals would support Hamas if they were aware of the alleged actions of the group, including the reported killing of over a thousand people and the disturbing act of burning babies alive. As reporters, it is our solemn responsibility to disseminate the truth to the global community.

In a recent statement, Falk highlighted the historical context of Hamas and its alleged involvement in acts of violence against Jews. This behavior is not a recent development but rather an integral part of Hamas’ charter and operational methods.

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Israel Warns Iran to Stay Out of Conflict With Hamas

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 20: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives to attend a photo opportunity with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres at the United Nations Headquarters on September 20, 2023 in New York City.

According to reports, there is an organization that identifies itself as a Jihadist/genocidal group, expressing its intention to eradicate the Jewish population entirely. The demonstrators’ intentions remain uncertain as they gather, raising questions about their objectives.

In Israel, there is a strong sense of support from our allies for the mission of dismantling Hamas’ infrastructure and military capabilities, as well as liberating the hostages. In a confident statement, he expressed their belief that although certain countries may not have publicly declared their support, they will undoubtedly express gratitude once victory is achieved.

He emphasized the significance of expressing gratitude for the support received from various allies worldwide, including the USA and UK, both from their leaders and the general public. In a statement, Falk expressed his belief that it is often easier for others to show support when they perceive us as victims. However, they also acknowledged their appreciation for the United Kingdom’s willingness to stand by them even in times of triumph.

When asked about Israel’s strategy for Gaza after the removal of Hamas, the individual responded by stating that there have been several plans discussed internally, with three key elements being commonly shared among their partners.

In a significant development, it has been confirmed that Gaza is now demilitarized, ensuring that no entity within the region poses a threat to Israel’s security. This crucial step has been taken to ensure lasting peace and stability in the area.

In a second point, there is a need for deradicalization efforts to be implemented, ensuring that children are not indoctrinated with hatred and that mosques refrain from promoting violence against Jews.

In a third development, it is anticipated that once these two events occur, the rebuilding process in Gaza will commence with the assistance of the international community. This collaborative effort aims to pave the way for a future where peace becomes a tangible possibility in the region.

In response to international pressure on Israel for a ceasefire, the individual in question dismissed it, drawing a comparison to requesting a ceasefire with Al-Qaeda following the 9/11 attacks or after the Battle of Britain.

In a stunning turn of events, the current situation has reached a level that is beyond comprehension. In a passionate statement, Falk said that the ongoing conflict is perceived by much of the civilized world as a battle between civilization and barbarism. They emphasize the high stakes involved, suggesting that if the forces of civilization do not emerge victorious, major cities such as London, Paris, and New York could be at risk. However, he expresses confidence in Israel’s ability to prevail, emphasizing that they see no alternative but to succeed.

When questioned about the potential consequences of the invasion and bombing of Gaza, the individual responded by expressing support for the actions taken by the IDF and Israel. He acknowledged the understandable anger that exists but emphasized the importance of approaching the situation with a rational mindset and carefully considering each step.

In the ongoing conflict, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are currently engaged in operations against Hamas, making significant strides that are rarely witnessed in contemporary warfare. In recent history, several countries, including Sri Lanka, Peru, and Japan, have experienced the end of terrorism within their borders.

Notably, terrorist organizations such as ISIS and even the IRA, which operate differently, have been successfully eradicated. In a bold statement, the Falk declares that Hamas will face destruction. According to reports, Hamas, a Palestinian political and military organization, was established in 1987. Recent speculation suggests that the group’s existence may come to an end by the year 2024.

In response to the casualty figures released by the Hamas-run Ministry of Health, he cautioned that they should be approached with skepticism. However, he acknowledged the unfortunate reality that any loss of civilian life is a tragic event. Falk emphasized the imperative of avoiding any civilian casualties, asserting that such incidents should not occur under any circumstances. According to the speaker, Hamas is solely responsible for all civilian casualties.

In an ongoing effort to ensure the safety of Gaza civilians, Israel has persistently urged and cautioned them to evacuate areas of potential danger. Conversely, Hamas has made concerted efforts to impede civilians from accessing secure zones.

According to reports, Hamas allegedly held civilians at gunpoint and reportedly opened fire on Gazan civilians who attempted to relocate south. In a remarkable feat, Israel has successfully relocated hundreds of thousands of civilians to secure areas, all the while engaging in daily operations to neutralize Hamas terrorists.

In a recent statement, the IDF reported significant success in neutralizing a large number of terrorists, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives. The IDF remains resolute in its mission to apprehend or eliminate every single remaining terrorist threat.

In a firm declaration, he emphasized that the liberation of the hostages stood as one of the two fundamental objectives of Israel’s war campaign, with the other being the complete elimination of Hamas.

According to the speaker, these missions are not necessarily mutually exclusive, and they have the potential to complement one another.

Among the hostages are individuals of various nationalities, including babies, children, women, elderly individuals, and men. The IDF’s pressure remains the sole factor contributing to the progress of the ongoing hostage rescue operation.

According to certain countries, like Qatar, they claim to possess influence over the release of hostages. However, as of now, there has been no evidence to support these claims.

In a passionate statement, Ophir emphasizes the importance of prioritizing civilian lives and calls for all countries to take a firm stance on the matter. He insists that the release of the hostages should be demanded without delay or conditions.

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